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    I’m looking to lease a new car within the next month. Does anyone have recommendations for leasing companies in the NY/NJ area that was easy to work with? Any general leasing advice welcome!

    Sam Klein

    Best leasing advice I can give you is that it’s not worth it to lease a car and pay thousands of dollars and end up with nothing when you can save up money or even get a payment plan or loan to buy a used car that will be yours to keep forever.

    Other than the fact that it won’t be a brand new car like the 2021 leased car but most used cars are still in great shape and working condition otherwise they wouldn’t be for sale and instead be heading for the garbage.

    May Hashem give you Hatzlacha and help you make the right decision in everything in life


    I’d recommend Elliot Shapiro at EJ Auto. He can get you the best deals on the market and he’s such a mensch to work with. His direct number is 917-734-0100.


    I had a great experience with with Wheels to Lease in Brooklyn. I got a fantastic price (slightly lower than a few other places I called) and great customer service.

    The Frumguy

    Since when did The Coffee Room become a medium for advertising?


    Auto leasing disguises the interest rate and the cash purchase price of a vehicle. Before leasing, one should consider the cost of purchasing a car, and the interest rate one would pay on an auto loan. A leasing company that discloses these alternatives would be a good one.


    Mrs. CTL leases, I don’t. She wants a new car every three years and always under 100% warranty.
    This past year she hasn’t driven due to Covid (only out of the house twice in a year for vaccines). So, my car has sat and I have put the mileage on her car. Otherwise we would be gifting the leasing company 15,000 miles of nonuse.
    Right now used cars are super expensive. Very few new car sales this past year, chip shortages affecting production, so a lease may be a better deal than buying a late model car. Once supply catches up with demand, used car values may tank 30%/

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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