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    Ma Chovaso

    What would you recommend and why?

    Nursing or Psychology


    Brain surgeon.


    Would you rather be disgusted by your patients physical problems or mental?

    For some reason people dont consider the actual job only how it sounds.

    Ma Chovaso


    You forgot the Why. C’mon, don’t tel me thats your best.


    This is not about disgust, it is about how I’m going to fix the world. Good Riddance.



    Nursing pays—- Psychology your at the mercy of insurance companies or medicaid which is usually close to six months behind.

    Nursing you can fix the world of the patient and family by making them feel comfortable and cared for by giving first class service—- Psychology you might help a person work through their problems but often times the patient and family resents you.

    Nursing unless you purposely and deliberately mess up, you will not be able to be sued—-Psychology make sure you have a good lawyer or NEVER have anything in your name.


    How about what you enjoy doing? I would hate being a computer programmer but I love…. (my profession). But computers you can do from home, part time, get good money etc. But if you are unhappy with it you will not be doing anyone a favor! Imagine a doctor who doesn’t like blood?

    A good idea is volunteering in the dept. you would like to work in, or shadow a nurse. You can’t really shadow a psychologist but you can talk to one to find out about the profession (privacy rules and would you want to talk to a psychologist with someone watching you?).

    Maybe take a class in each field- do you like biology? psychology?

    Do what you want, not what sounds good or random people who may not know anything about a field comment.

    Ma Chovaso

    Right so havesomeseichel, been there done that, hence my dilemma. letsay I love both…


    Would you rather be disgusted by your patients physical problems or mental?

    You should certainly not do either one, or anything else which involves personal interaction. Maybe computer programmer.


    Not a big fan of either but you’re talking 2 completely different degrees. An RN doesn’t even need a Bachelors, and to become a psychologist you need a Ph.D. If you like both fields then perhaps become a nurse and specialize in the psych ward. RN’s make decent money for their level and psychologists are underpaid for all that they are qualified to do.


    Hate to break it to you, but being a computer programmer requires personal interaction too.


    My sister’s a nurse, good pay, flexible hours, good benefits and of course the best part….two years of schooling – it’s a sweet deal!!!! It gets gory at times, but u know what, psychology can make u go insane, having to listen to people’s issues all day :))


    I’m starting nursing school next month. I chose nursing school because it takes only 2 years, you have pretty decent pay, and you work about 3 days a week per 12 hour shift. If you work in a doctors office, then you’re only there when the doctor’s there – maybe 9/10 – 4/5. Also, you can do chesed on the job. If you want 2 go back 2 school, like for nurse practioner, your hours are even more flexible and you have better pay. Also, nursing is really good exercise ;)There’s a reason nurses wear sneakers on the job.

    thefinalhorcrux – many hospitals prefer nurses with a bachelors.


    Nursing. Psychologists these days are a dime a dozen, but we really need more good, caring nurses. A good nurse can very literally make the difference between life and death, particularly if the doctor makes a mistake (and believe me, they do).

    But of course I’m prejudiced, because my mother a”h was a nurse.


    I would recommend my own field: Biostatistics. You need a masters or doctorate, and you need to be really good at math and have good people skills. But the work is very interesting, you can make a big contribution to saving lives, the pay is good, and there are lots of jobs. The field is also now about 50-50 men and women.


    Psychologists do need a PhD. or a PsyD. to be able to call themselves a psychologist. But there are other jobs that can do many of the same career goals as the psychologist- they just cannot call themselves one. There are many psychology masters degrees out there…What about a Masters in Mental Health? School counseling? Addiction Counseling?

    Some communities have too many nurses, plus you have to like working around blood, changing bandages, bedpans, IVs etc. You also have to be ok with having many people’s lives in your hands… one mistake and you could cause unmentionable amount of damages…

    Psychology- you have the chance to help many people at critical points in their lives. You need to have people skills and a decent command of the language. You do not have to touch people or see blood etc. You also have certain flexibility- agencies, schools or private practice? Children or adults?

    Think- why you want to do a certain job. don’t do it just because hours are convenient or the pay is nice. Yes, they are important but you must also like the job. If you faint at the sight of blood, you won’t be much help to your patients.

    cshapiro- If listening to people will make you insane, you might need to see someone about that… 😉

    But seriously, most psychologists have great mental health to begin with.

    Ma Chovaso



    thefinalhorcrux, you cannot get into a hospital in New York today without at least a bachelor’s. They are not hiring. The only reason to go to Nursing School today in NY is if you want a job in a doctor’s office or you want to do home visits. If you have any hope to get into a hospital you had better get all the schooling you can and go as far as you can before you even apply for a hospital position.


    MA Chavaso- really take a deep look at yourself and get serious. We all have to pick something to do, even if it is living in your parent’s basement and doing nothing….

    But seriously, growing up includes making decisions. If you think you are old enough to get married, be prepared to make many more serious decisions in your life.

    Ma Chovaso

    Who said i thought I was old enough to get married? whoa now were getn touchy


    I am sorry for implying that. I rushed into thinking… Firstly, I assumed you are female, as many of the posts above implied such. Then, I was assuming you were ready to go into one of these fields, meaning you graduated high school, finished seminary, and were working towards your BA. High school is 18, Seminary is 19/20. College is somewhere around 20-22…. Many people I know who are thinking about careers started their BA… Yes, not everyone who is in the 20-22 age range is ready for marriage but they might be thinking about it….

    I apologize immensely if I hurt your feelings in any way.

    Ma Chovaso

    🙂 sok no hurt feelings!

Viewing 21 posts - 1 through 21 (of 21 total)
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