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    Any suggestions on what is a good career path / major choice for a guy in college (Brooklyn College / Touro)? A field that pays well and has good job prospects.



    If you are looking for options, you can find the degrees offered by these colleges on their respective websites. If you are looking for personal advice, you are not providing enough information about your strengths and interests for anyone who doesn’t personally know you to be of any help.


    actuary, accountant, computers, PA, etc. it depends what you’re interested in.


    To potpie: Why would you advise anyone on this web site to join the Palestinian Authority? And how many Jews do you think they hire?


    First decide what you would like to do, since no matter how I the pay you will probably fail if you pick a job that make’s you miserable.

    Then figure out how to make enough money in your chosen field in order to survive.


    CPA, Physician Assistant, Computer Science, Actuary pretty much sums it up.

    Law is a shot profession, as is teaching in the public schools.

    You want to be able to make at least $80K within 4-5 years of college education.


    Check out the Bureau of Labor Statistics webpage on careers. It gives you a good sense of what jobs pay, what education is required, and the projected growth of the field over the next decade.


    Listen to yytz.

    yaakov doe

    Learn a trade such as plumber, auto mechanic or electrician and you’ll always be able to earn a decent living. A mohel also does well.


    Being a physician is very rewarding and exciting. You can make decent money, too. The time is school is a bit longer, but if we are all here ad meah va’esrim, what’s 7-10 extra years in school.


    SecularFrummy A bit longer??? A bit more than a bit.


    It’s all relative. You seem like a math person so..Going to med school and residency may take 100%-%200 longer than other professions, but as a percentage of time within a lifetime, it is only a change of 4-6%. 5% is only a “bit.”


    yaakov doe: Do not learn to be a mohel if you want to rely on that for your parnassah. Halachically, a mohel is not allowed to charge to perform a bris. Some use a loophole that they check the baby after the bris to be sure it is healing properly.

    I used R’ Rami Cohen as the mohel for my son. He refused to take a penny. When I asked him if he had a tzedakah he prefers, he said “Yes, and I give to them. If you want to donate money that you’d planned on giving me, you can choose your own tzedaka!”

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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