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    always here

    Daas Yochid~ I thought it was implied. otherwise, in that case, sorry. (as I said, I’m responding emotionally.)

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Daas Yochid…thanks for the tip, but I’d rather keep listening to his music

    OK, whatever makes you happy 🙂


    “Kabbolas shabbos should definitely count as one of those considering that the nussach you are so concerned about is actually older than the tefillah itself!”

    True. Cantoresq must be the last Jew in the world who starts Kabalat Shabat with Psalm 92 year round. Doing Psalms 95-99 and 29 were unauthorized additions to the nusach not recognized by Chazal, as was L’Cha Dodi.

    The text of Tachanun and most of the selichot are also post-Chazal. It is clear that we DO accept changes in nusach — just look at all the Ashkenazic Jews praying Nusach Sfard or Nusach Ari!

    “I listen to Carlebach music and I’m not depressed…. “

    There are sections of the Carlebach nusach that really do fit the words better than the standard Ashkenazic nusach. “Arbaim shanah” in Psalm 95 SHOULD get you depressed!

    “Just imagine how happy you’d be if you didn’t listen to Carlebach! 🙂 “

    I’d be MORE depressed if I only had the Rush Through Davening With The Standard Nusach minyans to attend.


    Feif Un- “Some people will say, “But look at people singing Carlebach! They’re so happy and lively!” Well, it’s well documented that drinking alcohol actually causes you to be more depressed than you might already be. Yet when people are drunk, they get very lively too.”

    That statement is TOTALLY TWISTED! Alcohol is a DEPRESSANT, which means that it DEPRESSES your central nervous system(causing lack of inhibition,lack of balance, among other things )-NOT YOU!!

    Albeit, if someone who was ALREADY clinically depressed drank it may make his depression worse, but that is only b/c he is “letting go” in the wrong way! Usually, dropping inhibitions and burdens makes people HAPPY 🙂

    Were Chazal wrong by your logic by saying “Ein Simcha Eleh B’Yayin”?

    Was Dovid HaMelech wrong in Tehillim when he said “V’Yayin Yisamach l’vav Enosh?”

    WHY would it be a mitzva to drink on Purim if it MADE YOU DEPRESSED??


    I’m not a big Carlebach fan at all-but, I do like a select few of his songs.

    I happened to have been at the Ohr Naava Shabbaton this winter which was really nice I must say. They had the Mezamrim choir there along w/ Dovid Stein, Avrumi Flam, Lipa Schmeltzer, Ohad Moskowitz. Well, when it was time for Havdalah, they had the Mezamrim choir do the singing of the Havdalah & I’m not sure who, but someone was playing the guitar & Dovid Stein was holding the Hadalah lecht & they shut the lights. They were singing the nigunim from Carlebach & I must tell you-it was a sight to behold, seriously!! It was so beautiful I’ve never seen a Havdalah done in that manner w/ music & w/ a choir singing. It was just amazing!!!!


    hummingbird- thank you for your posting !! if the critics would just attend a kabbalat shabbat or havdaalh service and see the joy and sheer spirituality of the occasion..they may change their mind !

    always here

    I truly have never been to havdala services as moving as those on the Moshav (Modi’in) led by Ben Tzion Solomon, one of the founders of the Diaspora Yeshiva Band, in his front yard … I get all misty. (sometimes I’ll look/listen to one on youtube.)

Viewing 7 posts - 51 through 57 (of 57 total)
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