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    Is this a business a yid can be proud of to be in? Yes I understand you can get a heter and it isn’t “a loan”. It’s also taking advantage of people. It only preserves the stereotype of the jew in the business of usury to the eyes of the goyim.


    I have wondered if there is any people that do it in a good way.


    These MCA’s are the definition of predatory. Anyone who knows a business owner who has taken one will vouch for that. Bloomberg Businessweek did an article on it last year. it’s an eye-opening read. It’s dirty money.


    I know of many gemachs that give cash advance loans with 0% interest.

    Mi K’amchu Yisroel.


    So maybe go into it and charge a little less interest than the rest


    what heter? you are not allowed to do non-interest loans to non-Jews. Are these loans predatory? if you are serving small sums to very unreliable clientele, and there is sufficient competition, you will probably be lucky to make even. But consider that you might need to start dealing with shady people in order to enforce proper payments. Not sure why one needs to go into such business in our times v. the times when non-Jews restricted our activities to such industries. Father is supposed to teach a son a business that is clean and not very hard.


    UJM that is a gmach. That’s something else.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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