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    Burnt Steak

    I was peacefully pondering life and all the other small questions, when I realized that life is a highway and it’s full of cats.

    But why are some cats liked better than others? Example: Todd has a green cat. Nora has a brown stripped cat. The personalities of the cats are similar. Most people like the brown cat.

    This is a prime example of liking a cat for no apparent reason.

    At this point some of you people brave enough to read this post this far, you might just be thinking that this is a trolling post. But wait, it is not. It did spawn from the same mindset that some trolls get. boredom and wanting to have fun/ be goofy. Really this is a sorta type of rant. You can’t get what you want but you can see a field of dandelions and pumpkins.

    And no I am not on any substances. This is just me releasing my inner insanity.

    I congratulate the people who have read this far into the deep swap of my mind being poured out like jellyfish onto ice. And offer my condolences to all the llamas that were lost in the great llama panic of 1264 (5024-25).

    Has anyone ever found Carmin San Diego? Do snowmen smell carrots? These are the types of questions one must be ready to deal with when said person goes into teen kiruv. Because I said they are key issues.

    On a serious note even though this is a “purim” type of thread I believe that the 3rd Beis Ha’Mikdash is coming before 9th of Av so I bless everyone that they have a nice transition into being used to Macheich.

    I will leave you off with some good advice. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.


    Voted ^ up there in

    craziest posts ever.


    Did you take your Prozac or Lithium today?

    Burnt Steak

    I should be a writer for a Jewish newspaper in the funny’s section.

    Thank you for nominating this post as one of the craziest. Now it is time to celebrate.

    <streamers fall, disco ball drops from ceiling>

    Burnt Steak: High fives all around.

    <Burnt Steak tries to give himself a high five but it is not satisfying>

    <Burnt Steak goes back to resuming ordinary life as a regular person who just happens to be in the CR>

    EDIT: Reb Doniel I wrote that I am not on any substances, that includes medication. Good day. but fez… I said good day!

    (hope i don’t come across as rude, sorry if I may offend anyone)


    Preferred cat color: Ginger (orange).

    Best cat name ever: Mao.

    Mao was a ginger cat.

    <No need to mention the llamas. They lied about the cause of death.>

    Oh Shreck!

    I knew “burnt steak” would go bonkers in the nine days!




    holy smokes!!


    Burnt steak, could you please start another thread like this? It had me ROFLing!


    What’s with this bumping TAOM? Are you really that bored? But I do second that Burnt Steak. Topics are getting boring…


    Burnt Steak, the question here is why are you NOT on your meds today?

    Burnt Steak

    I’ll think of ideas to start something. But it is not something that can just be thought of. It was a more spontaneous decision when I had a very relaxed state. Thank Hashem that real life has been keeping me off the internet lately. I’ll see if I ever get this type of inspiration. I just tried and couldn’t think of anything, oh well better luck next time.

    Sanity — I haven’t been on any meds other than allergy meds.



    It’s sad. I know.


    Not sad, just unfortunate. But at least we know you’re here and not somewhere else… we could kind of keep tabs on you so we’ll know when something’s wrong 😉 It’s sorta like when my friends know which nights I’m out on a date cuz I don’t respond to their texts all night…


    We have cats. They never work. Every day is Shabat for them. They are here to inspire us with a preview of what like will be like when every day is like Shabat!


    Generally speaking lighter colored animals are more popular with humans. Basically if you have two identical puppies except that one is black and one is cream colored, most people would pick the cream colored one. It’s not isolated to cats. The thing that is unique to cats is that there is a superstition about black cats.


    “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego???” Hehe, I wonder if she likes cats.

    Then again, I bet Carmen Sandiego is going to use cats (specifically brown cats) in her latest scheme to take over the world. O.o

    Shopping613 🌠

    I miss all the posts!! Being on dif time is so annoying, you know?

    TAOM: You are bored, why dont you try writing a thread like this or…maybe Ill try, but no one would read it anyway….


    Me! I will (but I wont respond so you wont know)



    I’ll read it! I dunno, I amn’t very good at these imaginative thingies. I’m weird in real life but it’s harder to be like that online somehow.



    Burnt Steak

    Today I walked into a Israeli style restaurant in NYC that also sells cholent on Thursday nights. Apparently its not a normal thing to ask for cholent in a pita.

    Chulent is drippy and hot. Pita is a bread pocket. Fill the pita with the cholent and you don’t have to worry about bowls or inconvenient spoons. Pita + cholent will solve the shiduch crisis. If we can make those foods work together, then we can make any 2 people work together.



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