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    What are the most common triggers of heartburn for you? If you know that you get heartburn from a certain food, do you eat it anyway?


    why eat something that makes you feel bad?

    there are many foods that can cause heartburn but each person has a different level that can cauase it.

    some might feel it after spicy chulent, another might feel it from salt and pepper kugel.

    if you are having problems, google ”foods that can cause heartburn” and see what they have to offer







    fried, fried, fried

    John Doe

    Your gonna laugh, but pineapple kills me every time. But I eat it anyways.

    Also sweet wine. But that I try not to drink. Dry wine doesn’t bother me at all.


    Being pregnant!


    Grounded Coconut!

    YW Moderator-42

    Some of the posts we have to moderate can give someone heartburn… 🙂

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Water used to give me heartburn only when pregnant but now its always.


    As pointed out, eating certain foods and drinking certain drinks (coffee, hot chocolate), can cause heartburn. But reflux can be caused by other conditions, as well, and anyone who has frequent heartburn, should have a gastroenterologist check him out, maybe have an endoscopy. Heartburn can be the result of esophagitis, or even celiac disease, as well as other stomach ailments, some mroe serious than others. If someone is taking acid reflux medication such as Prilosec or Nexium (meds that reduce the amount of acid that the stomach produces), they are at greater risk for bone fracture, and should increase their calcium supplementation.


    Syag Lchochma, you might want to try Kangen Water. Email [email protected] for information about it.


    water? huh? Thats odd. Plain water?

    ED IT OR

    heartburn is caused/symptoms is actually acid coming up from the stomach,

    this is caused by many things, mainly irregular eating habits and drinking water during meals, I recommend eating and waiting 20mins before drinking water, but who am I

    oh Yeh Reminder never take medical advice from this site (or any advice for that matter! LOL)


    CR nutritionist you asked the cause of heart burn I think personally, and from my own personal experience (I am not a nutritionist)it is from consuming too many Acidic and not enough Alkaline Foods. One thing that might help is to pour about a cap full of kosher certified Apple Cider Vinegar in a cup of water to help neutralize the acid in the stomach, drinking kosher certified Coconut Water is Alkaline and like Apple Cider Vinegar can help make the Stomach Acid more Alkaline. Try to find a Holistic GP. that knows about Diet and Nutrition-good luck. Many more suggestions that have worked for me, but lets start with these examples.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    WIY – Yup, water. Horrible heartburn and the bottled is even worse. I tried Kangan water and its got a weird taste but doesn’t hurt at all. Can’t afford it though 🙁

    Ctrl Alt Del

    Most of the reasons of heartburn can be traced back to an incompetent cardiac sphincter. This is the muscle group that closes off the esophagus and usually will prevent a backup of acid (or food for that matter). Its located at just about the level of the xiphoid process (that little bony notch at the bottom of your breastbone. The trigger foods are generally those that would cause a lot of acid production in the first place. they don’t actually cause the acid to come up. The tactic of making the stomach more alkaline [vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, kangen water (that’s a huge scam!!), or Tums] doesn’t really help the problem. It just balances out the acid with a base so the pH of what comes up is normal and doesn’t “burn”. But it still comes up. This is really a longish discussion people should have with their doctor. Recurrent heartburn should be reported to your doctor as you may be at risk for other things as a consequence.

    golden mom

    i was also gonna say most pp that have heartburn (or so they think) is probably acid reflux and if it goes untreated can be very very dangerous

    there is a diet for acid reflux for example no so do citrus acid u would be suprise how many produces have citrus acid in it

    no produce that has tomato in it incl ketchup tomato sauce or paste

    dairy an it goes on and on


    Causes? My menahel!!


    Diet is important for GERD, and there are foods that are bland such as Avocados, Papayas even Coconuts and many more that are not Acidic Foods and may help a GERD sufferer. I agree with you CAD and g m that Acid Reflux is dangerous if not treated (by a GP) for this condition. This is why I suggested anyone who is suffering with GERD might want be treated by a Holistic Physician. There are such Doctors (unfortunately not many) who were schooled in Traditional Medicine, and also know Alternatives such as Diet/Nutrition, the Botanical Kingdom, Acupuncture maybe Aromatherapy and a lot more. All I can say is (if one is Suffering from GERD) pray to Hashem that he sends to you such a Healer.


    Syag Lchochma If want a good water try Kosher Certified Coconut Water. CW is hydrating, refreshing, a good source of Electrolytes, easy to digest and not too expensive.


    I think it it a gentle to the stomach and good for people who have GERD.

    moi aussi

    Aspartame found in diet sodas is highly acidic.

    To combat heartburn try a cup of tea with UME (extract from the Japanese plum UMEBOSHI), it’s a sour/salty paste.

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