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    Can anyone guide me through choosing an effective
    CBD tincture for depression?
    There are just so many choices out there.


    I’d be careful about using CBD for depression or any other emotional/mental health issues. Not a lot of verified data or peer reviewed studies aside from lots of anecdotal information. There are, however, some studies showing that CBD formulations can interfere with efficacy of certain prescribed medications and for certain individuals can actually have adverse effects.


    @50minusONE, I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling with depression. I’ve definitely been there.

    Unfortunately there are few quick or easy fixes. Also with winter approaching the shorter days are especially difficult for those with seasonal depression.

    Best advice I can offer is activity.
    Find an exercise you enjoy, try walking or jogging outside to get fresh air and daylight (also get as much natural light inside your home as possible), perhaps your JCC offers something of interest?
    Get something on your calendar to look forward to like a meet up with friends, a weekly class, plan a visit to a museum, or take a trip to a new city to explore.
    Volunteering especially with children or pets can be very gratifying and is a great way to feel needed and loved.
    Find a new hobby, gardening can be therapeutic and you can start small with 1 indoor plant.
    Reach out to others for support, the CR is a good start.


    @50minusONE, I’m very sorry you are suffering through depression, but mima nafshach – if you are facing clinical depression, self-medicating with CBD tinctures probably isn’t a good solution. It would be much better to go to a professional and get their opinion on what the solution is. And if it isn’t clinical depression, and its the feeling (or middah) of atzvus, CBD tinctures aren’t going to take away the problem. It may be an environmental problem, a situation problem, a personality problem – or a combination of different factors – but CBD won’t solve any of those, at best it will just make it easier for you to address them. It won’t solve the problem – it will (probably temporarily) alleviate the symptom, which is depression.

    has some very good tips that would help – and add spending time in nature, or other things which allow you to clear your mind, relax, recharge, and maybe even think through your situation. But honestly either way, a counsellor-type situation would probably be very beneficial, to help you work through the problem and identify the problem(s) and solutions.

    You should be zocheh to a refuah shelaima bikarov!


    I am sorry you are fighting depression, and wish you much hatzlacha.

    That being said, asking strangers on the internet for advice is not the way to go. Seek out a professional. You’ll be much better off.

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