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    Which branch has better Rosh ha yeshivahs? Vancouver or Dallas? Any suggestions on either place?


    How about discussing which roshei yeshiva have success with which kinds of talmidim, rather than who is a better rosh yeshiva.

    Both places had their roshei yeshiva selected by Rav Henoch Leibowitz zt’l for their specific mission. Surely both places are excellent. It remains only for you to decide what your children need, and see if that specific person has the ability to provide that.


    Vancouver has a better hockey team. As to which Rabbeim you will be more matzliach with, you would be best served by speaking to those Rabbeim.


    Why don’t you let both roshei yeshiva make their pitch and decide? Any cc bochur in the cr is not the person to make the decision for you.


    I would go to vancouver in a second. They are less than a couple hours from some of the best outdoors on this continent. Plus Whistler which is the largest ski resort on the continent (but the snow is not as good as SLC).


    Has anybody gone to either vancouver or dallas that has first hand information? I love Chafetz chaim…So i feel for my son that a smaller community with effects on a community would be better for his ultimate growth. I hear vancouver and dallas both offer that and was just asking for some advice on the matter….I didnt mean to start comparing the rosh yeshivah..bc obviously Rav Henoch picked the ones he felt were best…But was wondering which branch ppl would suggest?


    Why not WITS?


    Just create a list of which city has the better kosher restaurants, and you should have your answer.

    But seriously, can anyone tell me in what ways the CC are different than other yeshivish groups?

    Sorry, got my own answer here:


    Anyone know what the jewish community in vancouver is like?


    Anyone know what the jewish community in vancouver is like?

    Ok, this I know about. It is very friendly, and everyone gets along really well. Particularly, it is nice because the different segments of the community are on good terms with each other (read chabad and the litvaks).

    There’s a few shuls, and one really big old one. I think there are a couple kosher places to eat even. There is a nice mikva.

    There is also a nice community in Richmond, which is a 15 minute drive away in the suburbs.

    As far as community, it is a good place to go to yeshiva, which is what I assume you are asking. About the yeshiva, you’ll have to ask someone else who knows something.


    A relative of mine went to Dallas for Yeshiva, and he was miserable and left after a two months.


    Did that relitive go to vancouver after? Popa-bar aba…Have you ever been to vancouver? what fun things are there to do there?


    what fun things are there to do there?

    I have been there several times.

    In the summer, there is great hiking, camping, all sorts of water activities, whale watching, and more.

    In the winter, there are all the winter sports one does in the winter.

    I would live there if they weren’t socialist pigs. Maybe when the U.S. becomes socialist, I’ll go there. (JK, I’ll go to Alaska- let’s see the feds try anything stupid there.)


    I was in PTI (the yeshiva in Vancouver) for 3 years of Beis Medrash. I love the city,rabbiem, and go back a few times a year. Are you looking for High School or Beis Medrash?

    I also have friends in Dallas, but having never been there myself I can’t really give you a fair judgement of the place.


    i was looking into the beis medrash? any ideas of who to speak to..Im lookin for a place with awsome guys and rebiam y=u could make a kesher with..also impo is the fact the yeashivah has an effect on the community…


    Ite, so I am a Chofetz Chaim Senior. I have the same issue. I’m looking into Vancouver, WITS, and Miami.

    From what I researched: Miami and WITS are the more intense learning Chofetz Chaims. WITS has a gorgeous campus. Miami is in Miami ;).

    Dallas, and Vancouver, are both gr8 places too. My Cousin is in Dallas, from what it seems he loves it. Vancouver; I have a couple of friends that go there, and they seem to be as Happy as can be there. I met one of the Rabbis in Vancouver he seems to be really nice.

    City wise, Vancouver beats Dallas (Hands down).

    But you shouldn’t go to a school just 4 the location.


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