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    I heard someone say that Chaim Berlin has moved to the right since Rav Hutner ZT”L was niftar in terms of college, and that while they allow it they strongly discourage it. Did anyone else hear that, or is it the same? Did TV change, or are they still the same?

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    I would recommend an alternative sn for those who want to answer but don’t want to out themselves as members of either yeshiva.

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    “Did TV change?”

    A frum person shouldn’t have a TV or go to college. I’m not sure what the connection here is.

    *takes tongue out of cheek*

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    42, you asked me to email you but didn’t provide an address…I need a clue (or two…)

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    I disagree. A frum person should go to college.

    On a different level, it would be interesting to enter a typical frum shul in a typical frum neighborhood. For example, the Agudah in Far Rockaway. Take a survey of how many members went to college, and let’s ask two questions:

    1. What percentage of these people regard themselves as frum?

    2. What percentage of non-college members regard the college educated as frum?

    I have an idea what the results would be. Since I did not carry out a scientific survey (one would benefit from a college education in planning this survey) on this issue, I do not know for sure, I only surmise what the results would be.

    Of course, one premise would be that the above shul and neighborhood fit the commonly used criteria for inclusion in the “frum” world.


    Torah Vedaas

    Actually with time television has got worse, but getting post high school education has become more critical for most ways of earning Kosher money.

    “College” can mean 4 years of directionless liberal education, or it can mean a strong professional (or pre-professional) training.



    See “college=OTD

    Although I really understand the objection to college, I’m really concerned about stating categorically that it’s wrong to go. Many yeshiva men are supported by wives who are professional therapists (OT’s, PT’s, speech, etc) who went to college to earn their degrees. Rabbi Twerski is a famous psychiatrist and frum. His, and the knowledge that other frum therapists, allow them to treat frum people in a way that shows an understanding of particular issues that frum people face. Frum pharmacists can carry a wide range of medicines and vitamins that are strictly kosher. I can understand objections to exposing oneself to apikorsus, but I don’t think one has to in college. As far as the “environment” goes, there are programs that are all frum and separated. I think boys should learn full time (no distractions) for a year or two, then couple daytime learning with evening college. They stay in the s’viva, and can work towards an income. Those who want to stay in learning, or want to go into chinuch or rabbanus can do that. Parnasah is biyedei shamayim, but there’s also hishtadlus.


    TV is referring to Torah Vedaas, not television.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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