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    I am posting this only as a public service, not necessarily for discussion:

    There is a chain email going around which describes the dire situation of a religious newlywed paratroop officer who was critically injured in the recent Aza War. It describes a 10 hour operation that was performed with severe complications. This email describes the life and death situation and asks for tehillim to be said, etc…

    I am intimately familiar with this situation. This email surfaced as a chain email three and a half months ago,the day of the injury to this officer. The 10 hour operation indeed was performed that day. Since then the officer has shown miraculous improvement, baruch hashem, and all are hoping for more improvement in the future. I do not have specific permission to post a detailed report, but it will suffice to say that the situation has dramatically improved.

    Unfortunately, this very outdated email is on a never ending voyage to all frum people’s inboxes as if it happened today. I have been called by more than a few people who were aghast at the “turn for the worse” in the situation, when in actuality, this was old news, and the situation is much much better.

    All prayers are welcome. However, sending chain emails endlessly is pointless, foolish, and has caused many hours of lost sleep to those who take it at face value. Please verify information before just sending it on urgently to five people you know.

    May all our prayers be answered.


    There is a similar problem with chain text messages. Last year, a friend asked me to send out a tehillim text for his grandmother, she was very sick. I realized that there was a problem when I received the same text 2 MONTHS later.

    There is another problem. If people get many of these text messages asking for tehilim to be said, and they don’t say tehilim, then their sensitivity gets lowered majorly.

    I asked a prominent rav what the solution is. He said that I should ask the people on my “texting list” if they would like to receive these tehilim texts. If they say yes, then continue sending them because they will say tehilim.

    A possible solution to both of these issues (texts and emails) is to verify your info before sending it and you should put the date on the text so if someone receives a text asking to say tehilim and its dated from a month ago, they will know to disregard it.


    what about the text that was going around about that you should not go to manhattan on wednesday??????????????

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    i just had it last week where i got a chain call for immediate emergency tehillim – and then one of the people that got it wrote me back that ‘baruch dayan emes’ he was niftar like five months ago!


    yeh, i once got a text to say tehilim for a person the doctors dont give him more then a few hours to live, 3 month later i got it again, then a year later i got it again!!!!please explain that!!!


    believer: Don’t believe these texts!!!! BEHOLD A SCAM IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!


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