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    And, how do you know I’m not Joseph?

    Joseph would never step foot in a goyishe store like Walmart.


    Again, I suspect most CR readers are familiar with the sad history of attacks and counter-attacks regarding Rav Tendler (I’ll skip the “Dr.” and “YU fellow” stuff out of respect for you and the Rav), and his representations of what his shver, R’ Moishe Z”TL, said and the context of what he said. There are multiple CR threads on those exchanges. Nor did I find infallible the Agudah’s (Sherer, CDZ, etc.) efforts to impeach R’ Tendler. My post of that statement by R’ Tendler was an anecdotal comment on the entire cholov Yisroel thread for what its worth. You think not much based on its source. Others may disagree.


    The story of R’ Moshe throwing up is pure fabrication. I have a friend who is close with R’ Dovid Feinstein, and I asked him to find out the truth behind it. He asked R’ Dovid, who laughed. He said, “If my father threw up the milk, it must have been spoiled! He wouldn’t vomit from it otherwise.”

    R’ Dovid is not makpid on chalav Yisrael, despite what Joseph may claim.
    I also have a neighbor who lived right across the street from R’ Moshe when he was young. He’s also one of the few people in my community who are makpid on chalav Yisrael. When his father was visiting for a Shabbos, I once asked him why. He said that R’ Moshe told him personally that he considered him to be a baal nefesh, and that he should be machmir. He didn’t say anything about shas hadchak.

Viewing 3 posts - 101 through 103 (of 103 total)
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