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    Wouldn’t that mean that the present posters have the changed name, and not the owners of the profiles you linked?


    None of these show up:






    Wouldn’t that mean that the present posters have the changed name, and not the owners of the profiles you linked?



    What I was saying was this –

    If the usernames you linked had changed their names, their history would still be showing on that page despite the change. Since they are not showing a history we would have to assume that our Phil and M are the ones with the second (changed) names, and that their original names/profile pages are unknown.


    I get what you’re saying, Mod29, I think…basically there was a guy Phil who never posted in the CR, then someone else who did post had their username changed to Phil, and clicking on Phil gets you to the wrong profile. Interesting.

    It’s complicated, though, because some changed usernames will link to their original profile. Does that mean they belong both on this page and the linked usernames page?


    I’d say no. I created that page for people whose

    links went to places other than their profiles

    (but not because their name had been changed).


    Joseph – original: ??? (It’s not Lior anymore.)


    happygirlygirl – original: sadgirlygirl

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Comlink-x happygirlygirl, sadgirlygirl was nystatetrooper before that.

    Shopping613 🌠

    I just noticed my link dissapeared. I used to be linked to a thread….

    At least when I click on my SN it goes to my profile.

    When did this happen?


    Omg im famous my fans are talking bout me

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    happygirlygirl – 🙂


    Comlink-x happygirlygirl, sadgirlygirl was nystatetrooper before that.

    That’s not what this thread is about, though.


    mods – can you please change my subtitle?


    Sparkly be happy that u even have a subtitle i wish i could have one ..something like “princess”


    Her (I think?) subtitle does appear to imply that the mods

    think she might be a troll, so I don’t think it’s out of

    place for her to request that it be changed.


    yeshivishe kup – original: ??

    Currently links to – – but there’s nothing there, nor at that address with the space put in.


    I didn’t foresee having to put myself here…

    Randomex – original:

    (Clicking on my name brings up my original account’s profile.)

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Why does your name keep switching between Comlink-x and Randomex? Did you do that or did the mods do that?

    What do either of them mean anyhow?




    It was the mods. Randomex is the word “random,” modified in the same way as a certain fictional character’s name modifies another word. In science fiction, a comlink is a small, hand-held personal communications transceiver (thanks, Wikipedia). I created my first “Commlink” account specifically to communicate with the mods (my main account was blocked at the time) and subsequently had reason to create several more such accounts, each named slightly differently (see list >here<).

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Why in the world would you get blocked? You seem like one of the nicer non-confrontational posters here from what I’ve seen.


    That, uh, might not always have been the case… The other time,

    the mods ran into inappropriate things on Google one too many

    times while trying to figure out if my posts were acceptable.

    (Or at least, that’s how I remember things. It’s been a while.)

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Well, I’ve never noticed any LH or onaas devarim from you, and imho, that’s most important.


    Thanks Randomex ~ Genius 🙂


    I think all names automatically link to the actual profile now.

Viewing 28 posts - 51 through 78 (of 78 total)
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