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    Dear Editor
    As urgent as the present situation is I think YWN has to take responsibility for charlatans using your platform to rip off well meaning Americans who sincerely want to try and help the Israelis at this time of war.

    The IDF have said over and over on local media that they have all the equipment they need. Also Uncle Sam Lloyd Austin is already in the picture for Munitions.

    Here is one ad that caught my eye:
    A special fund has been established to collect donations for the war effort under the auspices of The Knesset.All funds donated through ‘Eretz HaKodesh’ will be fully allocated to their intended purpose via direct bank transfers, under the strict legal oversight of the Knesset.

    It looks fishy. They claim “the Knesset” oversees their fund !!
    The Knesset has a huge problem overseeing itself !! Who in the Knesset has the time or the resposibility or the interest to oversee an American Rabbinic org. ??


    I never quite understood why anyone needed to fundraise, buy and collect helmets for Israeli soldiers along with food, blankets, batteries etc. I never heard anyone collecting necessities for American soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. Does the Israeli Army fail to supply their soldiers with whatever necessities they need? Is Israel a poor ragtag third-world country that needs to beg for the basic supplies for their undernourished and underequiped armed forces?


    Aside from the occasional reserve unit operating in a rear-support capacity (supply, logistics, public affairs etc) that may not have the most modern or newest version of equipment, virtually all of the front-line units are fully equipped.


    So what accounts for all these fundraisers for Israeli soldiers, begging for vests, helmets, food, blankets, batteries and more?


    UJM, I agree & pointed out how it makes Israel look bad & pathetic. One campaign had a list of items + was asking for toothpaste and deodorant. Seriously? A high tech leader, a leader in agriculture & medicine. A western democratic 1st world country needs American Jews to send these item to their soldiers? Something ain’t Kosher & it ain’t the bacon.

    Amil Zola

    Hmm, someone is lying. Perhaps the army is truly under supplied or perhaps there are folks making money off affinity scams? No way for us to really know. My personal experience here in America (in the last 30 years) our US military reservists have BDUs, packs and necessary kit when they are ordered up to active duty. At the time of call up they are provided with additional kit depending on where they are being sent to and what their official duties are. Weapons are not taken home but are distributed upon call up if necessary.

    ☕️coffee addict

    You guys do realize that Israel is having reservists that aren’t in the system anymore or are enlisting from other countries?


    I wouldn’t be too suspicious if they’re asking for the hygiene kits themselves like toothpaste, deodorant, etc. not money. I have yet to hear of scammers tricking people into giving them toothbrushes. But everyone should be careful where you give your money and make sure that it is a verified campaign.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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