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    Refer to title


    The Australianer Rebbe?


    I am a Popa chassid

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    That’s down under, Goq, not down below.


    point taken maybe then the Basementer rov


    No Rebbi for me although I am chassidish. When I need help i go straight to Hashem and I suggest you do the same. There is no better one to turn to. If YOU think there is someone better then please let me know here. We would all love to know


    The Queen

    MA, What about the mishna, ??? ?? ???

    Little Froggie

    When I need help, I go to the Godol (unspecified) who knows me best, through and through. He directs me as how to daven, learn, live like a Jew. That is what YiddishKite is all about. We don’t make our own roads, paths. We follow our Gedolim whoever they are. ?? ?? ????? ??? ?????, especially someone who confesses to be “chassidish”, this was one of the foremost characteristics, to follow a Manhig.

    We ALL Daven and “GO” to HaShem. For help, for gratitude, for closeness. It’s the Tzadikim who guide us. Without that step one is sure bound to get disillusioned, confised etc. Read what Seforim say about this..

    Sima Batsheva

    I think the Bostoner Rebbe of Har Nof in Jerusalem is a wonderful man. He looks so Rebbish as you see him walk around with his overcoat and his silver topped stick and super white scarf. He is also very humble, you never see him in the street with his chassidim or even a Gabbai. He just goes alone always in touch with himself and G-d.



    I have assisted many rebbe’s coming to my town-with the business of catering i am in-& having Tishen. The same Scene repeats itself every time. i cater the meals to the ????? Friday & ??? & then one of them comes over to me during ??? ?????? & said you catered to all of us so nicely you should go to the head of the table & get a ???? from the Rabbi. Do you know what i do every time? I then grabbed him on the shoulder & told him JUST keep your faith in Hashem & everything will be all right rather you got a ???? or not. I agree he is a big Rabbi his brachos can & do help & i should go & get a ???? but just keep your faith in Hashem & everything will be all right. Thats the KEY to success in Judaism if you have faith in Hashem, Hashem has faith in you. (that you will do his????). There’s nothing wrong with getting Chizzuk from a rebbe or a Rosh Yeshiva & learning from their ways etc… theres also nothing wrong with getting a bracha from a rebbe BUT getting a bracha from a rebbe & depending on it AKA: coming home & telling your wife we just got a bracha that were going to have a child or be rich or our daughter is going to have a refu’ah shleima etc… is a lack of Faith in Hashem. The Chovos Halevavos says in the chapter of faith that a person cannot have faith in 2 things (AKA Hashem & a Rebbe, Rav or friend) for when he does, he loses both. (he then brings a mashal (parable) of a Rabbi who needed tapes of his speeches made to sell so he asked 2 of his members to help make them, but he knew if he would ask them together, each one would say the other one is doing it so i don’t need to do it. Instead the Rabbi brought each one in separately & asked each one & was successful.) For when you depend on 2 you lose both.

    The Queen

    MA, What about ????? ??????

    Do you know the tfilla of ????”? ?

    ?-? ??? ?????

    In it we ask Hashem to bring us to:

    ????? ?????

    ????? ?????

    ???? ?????


    Queen, honored to meet someone who says the beautiful Tefillah of Motzei Shabbos!

    As for MA, even if you don’t consider Rebbes part of your obligation in Emunas Chachamim ( don’t know why but whatever…) I’m sure you’ve heard, “Al te’hi birchas hediot…” and the Rebbe for sure qualifies as a hedyot. (I am not saying you in any way should equate faith in him with faith in Borei Olam. Nor is anyone else suggesting that.)

    We can all use each other’s Brachos, Tefillos and good intentions!

    Wishing all a wonderful Yom Tov!

    Little Froggie

    .. he then brings a mashal (parable) of a Rabbi who needed tapes of his speeches..

    Don’t know which area you’re from, I highly doubt the Chovas Halevavos had access to tapes his days.

    Someone here’s terribly mixed up. Refusing the blessings of a Rebbi, Rosh Yeshiva, Gadol etc. has nothing to do with the need of one to have a living guidance… Don’t think one should offer the “key to success in Judaism” before one truly knows what Judaism is all about. And some things are not DIY try-me-out kits. Some things in YiddishKite, most importantly Hashkafa, have to be taught from a mentor.



    There’s a big difference between a mentor who guides someone when the person is in need of assistance or advice to a situation and a rebbe who a person depends on and treats him almost like a g-d (chabad believe that Hashem comes first, but the rebbe comes and inch after. That’s pushing it a little too much)

    Little Froggie

    A mentor or better yet a Rebbe, Manhig is there not only for the times a follower thinks he / she is in need of assistance. A Manhig is as its definition – one who leads, guides. A fool may delude himself into thinking he is in no need of guidance, he knows it all etc., while inside he is rotting away. A Manhig will get someway to point it out, to get him to reverse course. This is especially true of those who follow a true chasidish lifestyle. Each in their respective courts, each has a Manhig, who one is connected, heart and soul, down here where life takes place, and in the afterwards… read chassishe seforim…

    See what (Zohar?) says about ???? ?? ????? ?? ??? ????? ?, you might be in for a shock!!


    MA: Thats the KEY to success in Judaism if you have faith in Hashem, Hashem has faith in you

    What on earth does that mean?


    I’m a chasid of Rav Yosef Karo Z’l. I try to follow all his rulings.



    Thats the KEY to success in Judaism if you have faith in Hashem, Hashem has faith in you THAT YOU WILL KEEP THE TORAH & MITZVOS (without the need for wake-up tragedy calls of tzaros C”V)

    Little Froggie

    I don’t think HaShem needs to have faith in anyone. And Judaism is a bit more than that religion that calls for “all you need is faith in… all else is but minor technicalities”. No, Yidden have a Torah to follow. Emunah is an important thing… many other things follow. Having a clear trodden path in YiddishKite is important. Very important.

    And again, there is no need to go around (and around) with that “wake up tragedy calls..” thing again (and again). As the Gemarah says somewhere ???? – ???? ????? ?? ????

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