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    Why is it, in shidduchim and everything else, people are categorized only as either Chasidish or Litvish? What happened to all the non-Chasidim who aren’t Litvish? (i.e. Oberlander, Yekke and a whole host of others. For example, the Oberlanders get dumped in the category as Chasidim and the Yekkes get dumped into the category as Litvaks.)

    Not everyone who shtams from the “Chasidish countries” were Chasidim and not everyone who shtams from Lita (Lithuania) was a Litvak (as minhagei lita are known.) And that is before even getting to the places in Europe that were never Litvish or Chasidish!


    It’s because of the dress, mostly, I believe.

    And yes, it is absolutely wrong.

    Here in Gateshead it’s mostly yekkes. Same in London and Manchester I believe (apart from the chassidim there).

    Altogether, I don’t really care any more either. We’re frumme yidden – that’s the important thing. I am so tired of putting people in boxes.

    ED IT OR


    I like your post +10


    “Altogether, I don’t really care any more either. We’re frumme yidden – that’s the important thing. I am so tired of putting people in boxes.”



    Don’t you know that the only REAL yidden are either Litvish or Chassidish. The rest are all modernish tziyoinim.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I dont mind putting people in boxes but I do find the duct tape to be confining.


    Cahssidic and Litvish are not geographical labels. They are sociological labels. They indicate a lifestyle. If one is looking to live a Litvishe lifestyle, then frequently a yekke will fit the bill. And if someone is looking for a chassidishe lifestyle, the Oberlanders are not all that much different. No one is insulting anyone. Just trying to figure out what will be a nce fit.


    And lets not forget Chilled Yeshivish, Heimish, and my personal fave, Flexidish.

    But when it comes down to the wire, most everyone of European stock really fits into one of the two categories; Chossid or Misnagid


    Syag – LOL


    bpt – don’t forget “Modern Chasidish”.


    avhaben – you mean “tuna baigels”?


    Why all the labeling?

    Live and let live, my friends.


    Yeah, I’ve always wondered that myself. For instance, my family is lapsed Galicianer Belzer Chassidim. (We discontinued our affiliation about 90 years ago, so don’t say anything, please.) We live a pretty yeshivish life, and we’re always classified as Litvish for some reason I don’t understand, though none of my ancestors ever lived in Lithuania or had Lithuanian minhagim (my great-grandfather pretended he was Litvish, but that’s another story).

    Just to add a bit more to the discussion, what in YOUR opinion is the definition of chareidi? It’s one of those things I’ve never understood.


    Syag, 😉



    1st things 1st:- There are 12 Gates to Shomayim, for our prayers to most effectively soar up to haShem. In-fact if someone barks up the wrong gate:- i.e. Davens the wrong Nussach as per his/her family custom, his/her prayers may possibly not reach haShem.

    My arithmetic tells me that 12 Gates is 6 times as many as Hassidik & Litvak exclusively.

    Let me make 2 observations:- 1) Yekkes are Not Litvaks, and despite both praying Nusach Ashkenaz, let me tell you in no uncertain terms:- Plenty differences in both sets of prayers.

    2) I have not read 1 remark about Sephardim on this forum:- What happened to our dear Sephardim brethren? Yet many wonderful marriages between Sephardim & Ashkenazim.


    Oberlanders daven Nusach Ashkenaz; why would they be categorized with Chasidim?

    Shticky Guy

    There’s no discussion. Everyone IS either chassidish or Litvish going back centuries and I can prove it. My kids brought home from school a picture of Moshe Rabeinu doing krias yam suff wearing a streimel. I rest my case.


    You Shticky Guy &/or your Children’s school picture books have insulted the entire scenario of Shevi’i Shel Pesach which we commemorated this past Monday and the 50 miracles accompanying that saga as mentioned in the Haggodo, and this attitude tragically brings us to the current mourning during the Omer as per “Lo Nohagu Kovod Zeh loZeh” haShem yeRachem.

    yaakov doe

    Shticky Guy – There is a long mesorah of Moishe Rabanu waering a shtreimal with documented pictures going back over 45 years. I’ve only seen the picture from Har Sinai, never from krias Yam Suf. I assume that Yisro bought it for him at the time of the chassanah.


    Moshe Rabbenu (a”h) was Sephardi. Remember, he was born in Mitzraim. If he was born in Eastern Europe and thrown into the Donau (Danube River), then he would have been called Moishe Rabinovitch.

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