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    Adoneinu Moreinu V’Rabbeinu


    Admou”r = Adoinenu Moirenu veRabbeinu/ Adoinaynee Moyreynee veRabbyeyne. (The Admou”r meCreedmoor uses it because it rhymes – in his case it stands for Addled, Moronic and Rabid!)

    Only Baba Sali was ever officially referred to as Admou”r as far as I can remember and that was an official title because he was recognized by Chassidim who are used to referring to Rebbes as Admou”r.

    Rav Ovadia Yosef shlit”a is referred to as Mara”n.


    Admor stands for “adoneinu moreinu v’rabbeinu.” Some sefardim have adopted the chasidish title.


    “Adoneinu Moreinu V’Rabbeinu “

    Please be careful when using this title in shul, especially in tefillah. Calling someone Adone while standing in front of Hashem can be called Moredah B’malchut. See Birkai Yosef in Hilchot Kibud Av (i think).

    a mamin

    For all you misnagdim out there ; WATCH OUT YOU DON”T KNOW WHO”S TOES YOU ARE STEPPING ON!


    “For all you misnagdim out there ; WATCH OUT YOU DON”T KNOW WHO”S TOES YOU ARE STEPPING ON!”

    Why are you yelling? Who stepped on who’s toes?

    a mamin

    It seems this thread is making some fun of some Rabbonim, whether you choose them for your shailos is not the question here.Why don’y you poke fun at the superbowl from yesterday, leave the jokes for them!


    In my hood there is Vishvioh and Mosdos ‘something or other’ (starts with M),among other outposts. Really pleasant folks.


    To The Great Bear of Creedmor:- Who cares what the Novominske Rebbe clads? He is a giant, and I have met him several>>>numerous times; Even once had a Schabbos meal in his dining room, and his 1st [now late] Rebbetzen was of such unbelievably high stature.

    This was truly an example of the English phraseology:- Every Great man has a giant woman behind him. Never was there a clearer cut example than the Novominsker Rebbe shlita. He is 80:- May he continue leading Kelal Yisroel for decades.

    He could walk in tomorrow morning in a light great suit & color shirt:- & he still would be a giant leader.


    He certainly is a godol, but he seems to act as any Litvishe rosh yeshiva does. He does not have any Chassidim in the tradtional sense from what I recall.

    He used to be a Rosh Yeshiva at YRSRH. He was pressured to become a Rebbe after his father’s death.


    I am not judging him in any way and my question was strictly technical as it pertains to this thread. I made it clear that he is a godol beYisroel. I just do not think that he functions or sees himself as a traditional Chassidishe rebbe, which is what we are discussing here. Dash’s post clears it all up.

Viewing 11 posts - 51 through 61 (of 61 total)
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