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    I thought they use nets that dolphins can chew out of.


    The issue I have heard with tuna is that when they catch them all together some Rabbonim are worried that you get dolphins mixed in and then they are all processed, chopped up, and canned without the dolphins ever being removed.

    When purse seine fishing was first used to catch yellowfin tuna, fishermen would deliberately chase dolphins to get the yellowfin tuna that would swim among dolphins. I don’t know of any instance where canned tuna was contaminated by dolphin meat and I couldn’t find any referance of actual contamination.

    Albacore does not swim among dolphins.


    Chabad – Wearing tzitzis straight and unfolded [therefor they dont tuck in their shirts].

    Tzanz – The Rebbe throws apples on neilas hachag of Simchas Torah.

    Baal Shem and Talmidim – All used to daven Netz until the Bnei Yissochors time.

    Belzers – wear long black socks on shabbos [these days during the week aswell.

    Universal – eating Patchar and galleretta on shabbos morning.

    Universal – to make the egg and onion at the Shabbos table.

    Gerrers and most Polish chassidus’s – dont make a fuss out of tu bishvat [there was never any fruit in poland so they dont have the minhag.]

    More reasons for eating the fish with hands:

    1.Uvechol degei hayom beyedchem nitonu [ possuk in noach].

    2. Hand has been in mikvah more times than the fork.


    Universal – eating Patchar shabbos morning. Universal – to make the egg and onion at the Shabbos table.

    Unless Universal is a town in Galicia, that doesn’t seem to be the case.


    Universal is a fancy English word that means “by inzere” 🙂


    Creedmoorer Chassidim drink a glass of bleach every day after the shofar (which in Creedmoor is a Civil War era bugle) is blown. Bleach of course symbolizes cleansing the neshomo of all avyrois. Machmirim mix Ajax with their bleach to scour their neshomos.

    Now I get it.



    Lets not make every thread about weberman or rosenberg ok? Thank you.


    Lets not make every thread about weberman or rosenberg ok? Thank you.

    OK, sure, I sympathize with your boredom and frustration. Lets wait until someone gets blinded or killed. Then we’ll be more proactive.



    Its not boredom. But there are other topics and other things to talk about.


    I was at the lighting of the world’s largest Menorah tonite, on 5th Avenue & 59th Street.

    It was truly shocking & a Chilul haShem of unbelievable proportion, to have 4 Naturei Karta guys protesting & screaming at full blast, about how Macabees would have shunned Medinat Yisrael.

    Tonite being Rosh Chdoesh Teves and hence just over 4 months left until Yom ha’Atzmaut, I courteously wished them a happy Yom ha’Atzmaut.


    Tzanz- No serrated knives on Shabbos

    Biala- Tehillim after davening

    Biala- Short jackets ossur

    Toldos Aharon- Halbe hoyzn in di vukh.

    Toldos Aharon- L’davke to curl the peyes

    Biala- Mikva Shabbos morning (even if you can’t or don’t go during the week)

    Biala- 13 Prinicples of Faith before and after Shemoneh Esrei

    Biala- More zchiros than the 6 required ones after davening

    Biala- No bochurim by Shalosh seudos tisch (not sure how commonly held anymore)


    Dress like 17th century European goyim…all of them.


    crisis: as opposed to dressing like goyim of the 20th – 21st century? By the way, I dress like the litvaks who dress like goyim of the last 50 years. I don’t think it’s who they are dressing like, but more like how the clothing fits the person wearing it.



    Being pregidous to people that learn in yeshivos in israel. Satmar. I know this is true because i have two satmar cousins and they are both not being redt any shiduchim cuz they learnt in israwel. Generally, i dont judge people but in this case i cant help it. My cousins are amazing people and israel isnt that bad! Where do they come up with these ideas?!


    Breslovers don’t eat raw onions. This is based on Rebbe Nachman’s family tradition (mentioned in one of his seforim) from the Besht (his great-grandfather) that one should not eat raw onions.


    Wear wool tzitzis and on top of their shirt

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