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    I have always wondered how chassidim make their payos curly behind their ears, I am chassidish and got long payos in front. I am wondering how they do it. Could someone please give exact instructions or if there are videos like that on youtube showing how they do it, please let me know.


    The Frumguy

    I think that curly payos in front of the ear (worn by most Chassidim) borders on L’vush Isha. Women are the ones for whom curlers are made – not men! Why so much fuss over “curly payos”?


    Curlers, gel, curling irons, hairspray, straightening irons (used before curlers to make a neat curl). It takes a lot of effort for people with naturally frizzy/wavy/wildly curly hair.


    There are barber shops that advertise perms for payos.


    I am not talking about curly in front, I want to know how they make it curly (like a bisli) small and neatly behind the ears?


    wet the hair with gel and twist it tightly around the second finger towards your face. pull your finger out from the bottom.

    another way is to brush it up over your forehead and curl it in

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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