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    ha ha ha ha

    Does anyone have original shtick that can be done by weddings?? (please don’t tell me arches and the umbrella….)


    i dont wnt to gove away my secrets…i have lots of really cool and original ideas…i guess im saving them for when i make my own….but one thingh i will tell u…look around by weddings and pick up ideas..bring it 2 the next level…me and my frends have been making provate jokes kind of jokes with th ekallah that she liked…but go online..pick up ideas…there r sooo many


    Yeah personal jokes r always funny at a chasunah. Even better, if ur friends for a long time, make a joke out of a joke u guys had together from years ago that she forgot about.. Guaranteed laughs..


    Quite honestly…arches and umbrella are nice shtick..all other shticks I find pretty stupid..dancing is way more fun than trying to make “cute” shtick


    You can do the usual balloons with confetti, juggling in front of the kallah, tap dancing, private jokes,wave posters, crazy costumes, fireworks.. etc…but PLEASE dont make the wedding turn into a purim chagigah! Cute shtick is fun too much of it is a little much.I recently was by a wedding and basically the whole wedding was shtick after shtick!! posters with cute sayings, private jokes, crazy wild costumes..I think the friends tried a little too hard.In the beginning it was fun, by the end I dont think the Kallah was enjoying.So as everything else..Moderation is the key.


    Im a professional entertainer…check out just simcha sample on you tube


    dress up in a full body cat in the hat costume, i have one if u want to borrow. rebbe nachman keepas, have those too. fans are always good cause the kallah and everyone else could really use them, u can get cute white lacey ones in china town for a dollar, or u can borrow them from me 🙂


    my friends and i got tshirts made for my good friends wedding. each had a diff one of our ‘jokes’ on it and we all danced around her. the kallah LOVED it!! plus the picture of all of us together was ADORABLE!!!


    one that i see become increasingly popular. a huge white cloth with a hole in the middle for the kallah. everyone holds the edge and dances around. it looks like a massive gown! dunno if u can really get what im saying from this but…

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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