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    I’ve been hearing about chasunah policies.

    They are primarily sold to young couples and consist of a combination of (1) a term insurance policy for 20 years (is that for both spouses?) (2) a savings plan for expenses of kids chasunahs, 20 years down the road.

    Apparently the buyer pays $7000, in year 1 through 5 and gets in return

    –0% interest in years 1-5, and 4% intererst in years 5-to-20

    –principal protection throughout the 20 year life of the plan (when ever you withdraw the money you are guaranteed the original 35% principal).

    –If you keep the funds in the full 20 years you are guaranteed $70,000 (double your money in 15-20 years).

    Are there more details that I am not aware of?

    Where do I find out more about these plans?

    Who is guaranteeing these plans?

    Most importantly, do they make financial sense, for the average young couple?


    How is the young couple, who cannot afford the basics of everyday

    life supposed to pay for this? Presumably, this is expected to

    be yet one more expense for the parents. An interesting way of

    guaranteeing that these parents, already struggling with the

    expenses of their newlyweds and single children will be pushed

    into financing the weddings of the not yet born grandchildren.

    Or, will the kids pay for it with their wedding money?


    There are many types of investments and insurance policies available. life insurance policies that generate cash value are but one type. Speak to a broker/financial advisor for what is most suitable for you.


    never heard of such a hting


    What insurace company is offering this?

    And what is the death benefit?


    Every broker is eager to sell policies to their friends and especially newlyweds who don’t know anything about finances yet. Everything sounds important and necessary to them. Don’t ever commit to anything without speaking to your accountant or financial advisor. As a matter of fact don’t ever speak to an insurance broker. If your accountant or financial advisor tells you that you should purchase insurance then a young couple should call their parents’ broker whom they have for many years to advise them on a policy that is right for them.


    There is no insurance policy that is called a chasunah plan. Its a made up name from agents to attract clients.

    Bottom line , we all agree if there is no savings plans, there will be no money to make chasunah.

    Some of the plans out there help u start a savings plan on a monthly basis, plus it will help marry off the kids if chas v sholom the breadwiner nebech didn’t make it to the chasunah (if the death benefits was a nice amount)

    For all the smart guys that advise not to these types of plans, if they have a better one please let me know. I’m just about to sign on to a nice policy.


    koch, invest the money youself, I suggest either bonds or etf stocks.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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