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    I saw yesterday’s onlysimchas that there was supposed to be two NY chasunas yesterday, I wonder what happened to them


    Hopefully the went on schedule. It is always best to not push off a Chasuna.


    Even if they did push off the Chasunoh:-

    1) Better late than never.

    2) Still far better than all the numerous singles out there.

    3) Maybe the wedding date was set “Al Tenai” of no unforeseen circumstances, in which case it would be a non-issue to alter the wedding date.


    Postponing is problematic from the Torah’s standpoint. See the second letter here:

    You only need a minyan to have the chasuna. It’s better for it to go on schedule.


    i know of one chassuna that was postponed to Thursday night


    avhaben:- The Minjan is only required for the Nissuin.

    The Kiddushin only requires 2 Kosher Eidim. The Messader Kiddushin could also double function as 1 of the 2 Eidim, and failing that, the Chosson can recite the Birkas Kiddushin, since it really is the Chosson’s Berocho, but not to embarrass a Chosson who cannot read Ivrit, this Berocho is nowadays always recited by a Messader Kiddushin.


    There was a least 3 frum weddings last night according to a certain Jewish website. One of them was a first cousin of mine. I was told that it was a regular wedding just like any other. They had generators and everyone showed up.

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    Most people I know don’t sign tanaim until the night of the wedding so there would not be a problem to change the date.

    Simchas chasan vkalla is a big inyan so if it’s a difference of having 10 people one day or 200 the next I assume it is better to push it off.


    Mod42: What is the relevance as to whether there was a tanaim signed beforehand or not, as it pertains to this issue at hand?


    i know of a family from out of town that made 2 chasunas within 10 months, each one during a major weather “event” in NY. The first was during the major snowstorm at the end of 2010, when the city didn’t get plowed for days. That chasuna had to be postponed until the next night, because the chosson and kallah were in different boroughs and couldn’t get to each other. The poseik had said that if the kallah wouldn’t have friends at the chasuna, it should be postponed. By the way, the GO of the local Bais Yaakov (or whatever high school it was)called the caterer to find out of there was a simcha in the hall that night, and it there were people there, because if there weren’t, she could round up the entire student body to come and dance for the kallah! Mi K’Amcha Yisroel!

    This families next chasuna fell out on the day the Hurricane Irene struck. B”H it was not postponed, though many catering halls on the Island had to cancel their affairs on that Sunday. Many people were not able to come because the hurricane hit different areas at different times, but those who were there made it a beautiful, leibadik event.

    We should do what we can to keep the dates of the wedding, but it is certainly not worth endangering anyone’s safety.

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    i know of a couple wed that was held last night they sort of rushed them so it was over earlier one i heard started @2:30 in afternoom instead of the reg 6/7


    I’m not so sure it’s worth putting not only the lives of the guests at risk but also the staff ( waiters etc )that must work

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