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    This thing is literally a human brain plus it knows it all. Did anyone test it out with complex gemara questions and hashakafa questions like the shidduch crisis and bechira?

    I was amazed with what it answered and what it knows.


    It repeats and restates things it has read. It cannot develope original thought or solutions.


    It makes many errors. Including on common secular subjects.


    It is literally anything but a human brain. Do you think you are a robot?

    Shimon Nodel

    Do you forget that all the kochos are to Hashem? אין עוד מלבדו


    I find its essays very generic.


    I only tried basic shaylos, and it did pretty well
    But I am upset that it refuses to help my son make a nuclear reactor for his science fair
    keep getting a pesky “we can’t help you do something illegal” response


    Can anyone share what their most complicated shailos they ran on it that it successfully answered?


    I’m sure there will be people who c”v rely on AI to answer halacha shailos…



    “It makes many errors. Including on common secular subjects.”

    So do you.


    I asked it “write me a poem about the website”

    here is the response

    A place for the Jewish community to convene,
    The website theyeshivaworld, a source to be seen.
    With news and updates, a wealth of information,
    A hub for all things, with great admiration.

    From the latest events, to topics so sage,
    A place for learning, with knowledge to gauge.
    With discussions and forums, for voices to share,
    A platform for growth, for all to be aware.

    The website theyeshivaworld, a bridge to the past,
    With traditions and customs, that forever will last.
    For all who are seeking, a way to connect,
    A source of inspiration, that will always reflect.

    So let us gather, and find what we need,
    At theyeshivaworld, with a heart full of creed.
    For a brighter tomorrow, and a better today,
    We’ll visit this website, in every single way.



    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The CR is mutar
    For even heilege jews


    It’s very impressive, but it lies a lot. For some background, I work in artificial intelligence (you can be bochen me later). It’s main function is a text generator. It will produce text, that’s all. Other than some manual safeguards to prevent people from getting it to say bigoted things or instructions on illegal activity, it literally cannot tell the difference between the truth and something that sounds true. It will answer any shayloh you give it. But generally only the things that have reams of text already answering them. If you ask a specific question and request mekoros, it will probably produce a long essay with some made up sources that only makes sense in a cursory manner.


    In technical terms, ChatGPT is a gateway to the GPT-3 large language model using natural language prompts. GPT-3 is a deep layered transformer predictive text model trained on a massive amount of text with almost five billion tokens.

    In English, ChatGPT processes natural English language speech into something that GPT-3 can understand and give you the resulting text. GPT-3 is a collection of math equations that a series of computers spent several months learning so that it can take in a group of words (as long as those words are within the 500 billion words it recognizes), run some math on them, and produce some more words.



    It sounds just like one of the infamous YW trolls!

    ☕️coffee addict

    That is an amazing poem whitecar

    Did AI really generate it or did you think of that yourself?


    I asked it about why a Sofek should or shouldn’t be Mozei medai vadai. I asked it to explain a few dafim of gemera including tosfos and rashi. I asked it about working on middos and how to write up a letter to someone in a none aggressive way and to make a point. I asked it so many things that it told me I asked too much questions for this hour. I asked it to count till it can’t anymore and interestingly it stopped at 200 and said I can go on and on till infinity but it’s important to know that humans may not understand such complex numbers. To all those questions I asked it gave me answers that the rishonim say and had a full way of communicating back and forth like a chavrusa almost. It wouldn’t give me a poem about Trump or Biden though. Anyway I’m very into this new thing I think it’s amazing what it can provide in seconds.


    White car — That read interesting. Here was its output to me for the same query you ran (“Write a poem about”):

    In a world of endless information,
    Where knowledge is at our command,
    There’s a place that stands out from the rest,
    A website known throughout the land., a site so grand,
    A hub of news, both big and small,
    A place where you can stay informed,
    And never miss a thing at all.

    From politics to Jewish events,
    From health to finance and more, has it all,
    A wealth of information galore.

    The writers and reporters, so sharp and astute,
    Bringing news that’s both relevant and true,
    A source of information you can trust,
    To keep you up-to-date and in the know.

    So whether you’re browsing on your phone,
    Or sitting down at your desktop, is always there,
    A trusted friend in an uncertain world.

    So let’s give a shout out to this great site,
    For all the work that it does,
    For keeping us informed and entertained,
    And for being a valuable part of our lives.


    when asking openGPT shailos, don’t forget to specify what your nusach is.


    Bard, unlike ChatGPT, has current information.


    First we gave up having real relationships and talking to people in real life for chatting with people in cyberspace. Now we’re going to cut out talking to humans altogether and just chat with robots…

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