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    Does anyone have similar Chaveirm stories to share?

    I was at a Sheva Brachos last week which only happened thanks to Chaverim! It was during the black out last week in Lakewood and the host didn’t want to have to shlep everything to another location and were going to postpone the Sheva Brachos to another day. Someone suggested that they call Chaverim. They did not want to call on Chaverims help for their own convenience until one of the guests called for them. When Chaverim arrived not only were they not upset about being called (on a Sunday evening in the 90 degree weather) they were so helpful and did everything with the greatest smile. They brought a generator (at no cost to the host), hooked it up to a few sets of lights and lent a few portable lanterns for the kitchen area (if not for the fact that the Sheva Brachos was in a basement which was cool at 68 degrees, they said they could have even hooked up an a/c as well!)

    Chazak Chazk Vnischazeik to a very chashuv group in Klal Yisroel!


    I have a Chaverim story of a different sort. Last summer, my friend’s car broke down in the Home Depot parking lot on the NJ 17. Within 5 minutes, Chaverim was there. Pretty standard so far.

    Unfortunatly, they could not help us. So with little choice, we settled down until AAA showed. So why am I telling you this story? Becuase “it just so happened” that we broke down on Tisha B’av and “it just so happened” that I had picked up a copy of Tisha B’av to Go from YU, and “it just so happened” that Dr. D Pelcovits had an article in that issue on the subject of dealing with loss, that helped me address the issue with my son, who had just lost a friend in a car accident.

    2 hours later, AAA showed up and towed us away. But in those 2 hours, I was able to reach my son when / and in a way he needed me to.

    So I guess you could still call this a Chaverim success story, after all.


    chaveirim rox! my car keeps stalling, and they always come to the rescue! i think they’re amazing. they dont let you pay them. you can only send a donation! olam chesed yibaneh

    d a

    How about this stroy from a while back?!

    (Sunday, March 7th, 2010)

    Following the success of their pioneer program, coordinators for Chaverim of Queens as well as local community members have called the program a huge accomplishment. 15 volunteers made themselves available throughout Purim to drive intoxicated (or otherwise unfit to drive persons) from wherever they were to their home. This program was put together 3 weeks before Purim to prevent drunk driving.

    Word of the Purim program, sponsored by InterGen Health Home Care, spread quickly and within just a day of releasing the idea on YWN, Chaverim of Queens officials were contacted by groups as close as Brooklyn to Baltimore and as far as L.A. complimenting them on the great idea.

    With the tremendous response from the volunteers, a significant number of people did call and use the service. Every caller was picked up from their location and driven home safely.

    One volunteer even drove 2 people from Queens to Brooklyn. (Bolded by da)

    Chaverim of Queens coordinators were extremely satisfied with the response to, and the success of the program.

    d a

    And how about this one:

    Chaverim Of Queens Conducts Free Pre-Winter Auto Checkup

    (Thursday, December 10th, 2009)

    This past Sunday December 6th was a wonderful day for the Queens community. Chaverim of Queens, which was founded just under 2 years ago, in memory of Mr. Jack Friedman, held a Free Pre-Winter Auto Inspection for the Queens community.

    Chaverim of Queens has responded to a few thousand calls already and is growing every day.

    The Pre-Winter Auto Inspection was held at Maven Motors in Kew Gardens. Maven Motors, which is located at 121-02 Jamaica Avenue is not only known as a trustworthy and reliable mechanic, but has been involved in working with Chaverim of Queens since day one by providing training for all new members. They also have mechanics available (for Chaverim members) on a regular basis to answer questions in any severe type of emergency beyond the scope of the basic training.

    The event was sponsored by Personal Touch Home Health Services and co-sponsored by the Vaad Harabonim of Queens.

    The mechanics at Maven Motors together with about 15 members from Chaverim inspected many cars and anyone who needed to have immediate work done was able to have it done on the spot if they so chose. Tires were filled with air, bulbs were replaced if necessary, and most cars received new windshield wipers free of charge.

    Throughout the day, local police officers stopped by to say hello and were really impressed with what was being done. It truly was a tremendous kiddush hashem. Councilman Jim Gennaro who has also been a friend and supporter of Chaverim of Queens also stopped by to say a few kind words and of course to have his car inspected as well.

    Refreshments, also sponsored by Personal Touch were served throughout the day to all participants, volunteers and of course the mechanics.

    Chaverim of Queens is growing and is therefore always looking for new volunteers with day and night time availability. If you would like to join or know anyone who would like to join (or make a donation of any kind) please send an e-mail to [email protected] or call 347-684-1155 to request an application and an interview.


    d a

    By the way, I am not affiliated with Chaverim of Queens whatsoever. I don’t even live in Queens.


    Chaveirim of Lakewood is holding its annual pre-summer safety inspection on Sunday, July 11th, from 4-8 pm in the Orchos Chaim parking lot (corner of Oberlin and Cedar Bridge). The purpose of this inspection is to check tires, fluids, blinkers, etc., on cars before people take time off for summer vacation and long drives, to ensure that they stay safe.

    People here take Chaveirim for granted. I grew up in LA and had never heard of Chaveirim until after I was married and living on the East Coast. I couldn’t fathom calling a frum guy to come help you change your tire or let you into your house. I have never managed to lock my keys in the car or house and automatically think of calling AAA to help if my car breaks down. I think that people tend to be more careless because they know they have someone to rely on!

    Now, from the wife of a Chaveirim member: it’s beautiful that people are posting their stories up here. It’s really nice to see that people appreciate Chaveirim’s work and selflessness. My husband just happens to be one of the members who assisted in the Sheva Brachos story in the OP’s post.

    This should be a lesson for all those people who expect Chaveirim to come right away, who yell at members when they are unable to help them or take “too long” to come, who don’t even look at the member or thank them, who are not waiting with their car or at their door when the member arrives, who are overall unpleasant and ungrateful (or downright rude), who give the members their outrageous stories to share when they are together…

    Remember that Chaveirim is there purely as a chesed to you. All members are volunteers and the dispatcher cannot tell you when someone will be available to help you. They are helping you out of the goodness of their hearts. Nobody is paid. The ENTIRE organization, from their members to their dispatchers to their board members to their graphic designer, works for free. Your donations are sorely needed to support this organization and pay for their equipment.

    Thanks for reading!

    -The proud wife of a Chaveirim member


    LAer- I really can’t believe people act so rude to someone who is doing them a favor!



    smartcookie, you have no idea. You should hear the stories these guys swap when they get together. When I have time later I’ll post more, bli neder!


    REMINDER: Today, July 11, is Chaveirim of Lakewood’s safety inspection! It will be taking place at Orchos Chaim (corner of Cedar Bridge and Oberlin) from 4-8 pm. [It is not a DMV inspection.]


    Funny question:

    How does one go about volunteering for Chaverim??


    Working: not a funny question at all. Happy for you that you got a “feeling” of joining such a great team. Good luck to you in every way. Sorry, I don’t have their number. Hopefully, someone out there will be able to provide you with it.

    Sister Bear

    Call up the one in your neighborhood and tell them you want to join. They’ll take it from there.


    Hey I just wanted to share a story with u I am a member of this great org and sometimes people don’t act the right way for example my friend thats also a member told me once he went on a call to help a lady she had a flat tire when my friend got there the car owner wasnt there so he called her she said ya please I’m shopping fix my flat during the time that I’m in the store when I come out I expect u will be done now in asking do u think thats nice?


    Did she really add -“fix my flat during the time that I’m in the store when I come out I expect u will be done”? Or did your friend perhaps exaggerate to make the story juicy? I doubt she used the tone that you are conveying, noone talks that way.


    Be happy she didn’t give him a time frame…. All kinds of people, all places.


    I once got a call from a teenager who wanted us to start his parent’s car. His parents went away and took the car keys to keep him from driving.

    I told the guy that it was a good try, and it’s good he’s being honest, but no luck on his request.


    Chaveirim members this afternoon are headed to Monsey, New York, after an unexpected October snow storm dumped about a foot of snow and knocked out power to hundreds in the area. A Chaveirim Coordinator tells TLS they are sending several generators and other equipment to assist the elderly and sick who were left without electricity after the storm hit.

    Lakewood and other southern Municipalities were only hit with about an inch of snow.


    ok so here is a funny but 100% true story- chaveirim get a call from a lady stating she has a flat tire, she goes on to say that really its not a big deal cuz only the bottom half of the tire is flat so if someone can maybe come and just rotate it she can be on her way!


    Just tonight, someone got stuck in front of our house; boruch HaShem, Chaveirim to the rescue.

    Yasher koach to the members of this wonderful organization!


    Any time a Chaveirim member shows up to help someone is considered a “success story” whether or not the member is successful in helping you out. (The success part of it is beyond a member’s control most of the time).

    What do you think? 🙂

    ED IT OR

    chaveirim kol yisroel venomar OMEN

    Think first

    Didn’t realize how much they do until I joined them last week. Go chaverim!


    As a dispatcher, I have quite a few stories, but one which particularly stands out. I volunteer for Chaverim of the Five Towns, and we’re the group nearest JFK airport. I got a call one afternoon from a caller in Chicago, whose 16 year old daughter was traveling from JFK and needed $25 to check a bag, but didn’t have cash. Her father tried to pay the airline over the phone by credit card but they wouldn’t take it. He called us, asking if someone could come and give her cash and he’d donate to us online.

    Well, I put out the call. A few minutes later, I get another call, from Cleveland, saying his niece was traveling from JFK and needed $25 to check a bag… I told him I already put out the call.

    Shortly thereafter, I get a notification that one of our units is on his way.

    THAT really made my day 🙂

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