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    I heard this story from someone who claimed that it was a famous, well known, and true maaseh. However after a relatively thorough investigation I have not found any sources for it. Can someone please provide details to prove its authenticity?

    A child in Israel was in an accident and suffered some sort of brain injury. None of the doctors in Israel wanted to operate. The family went to the chazon ish who subsequently took out a piece of paper drew exactly how the neurosurgeon should operate in order to save the child and then directed the family to a certain doctor in New York. When the family got to America the doctor said that he would never have thought of this but will do it if thats what the chazon ish said. Lo and behold it was a success!

    The closest I ever got to uncovering some details in this story was during a conversation I had with someone I was closed to who said that the story happened to his relative. When I asked for the name of the doctor so I could try verifying the story the reply I got was: “you need to speak to a non-jew to get your emunas chachamim!” and despite my pleading that I just want to know the details he hung up on me. I also once asked a well known story teller if it was true and he said it was and when I asked him for his source he said he had none but he knows its true.

    Additionally I once found someone on ebay claiming to be selling the actual drawing. When I sent a message asking for a way to verify the authenticity the item was removed (or at least I could not find it under the sellers list of selling or sold items).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am fascinated with stories of chachomim and medical knowledge and have invested a lot of time trying to research this maaseh.

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