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    Does anyone know the Real name of this Comedian? And anything about him?


    Did anyone watch the link?


    The comedian was Michla Rosenberg, a well known Yiddish comedian. He used this character in other settings as well. The Hy Elokeinu he sang is a cantorial piece by Oscar Julius, well know choir leader in the 1920’s-1950’s(?). Moishe Oysher sang it with great success.


    thanks amillion

    Where can I see or hear any of his other acts


    Kanarek means canary.

    The play/movie, I’m not Rappaport, takes its title from one of the skits Kanarek did.


    He is known for a few of the movies that he was an actor of.

    The above skit was based on a movie, “The Cantor’s Son” where a shul is looking for a chazan. One of the members, Shepsil, says that he will lead the davening, and after his “perfomance” they find Moishe Oysher. He is also is known for “A Cantor on Trial”.

    “Born in Warsaw, Mr. Rosenberg was associated with Schwartz’s New York-based troupe for a quarter-century, appearing in such plays as “Yoshe Kalb” and “The Brothers Ashkenazi,” and subsequently became a monologist whose best-known character was “Getzei.”

    A member of the Yiddish Theatrical Alliance, Mr. Rosenberg starred in such Yiddish films as “Mirele Efros” and “The Cantor’s Son” and in the Israeli films “Uncle Sam in Israel” and “Highway Robbery.” He last appeared on Broadway in 1968 in “Borscht Capades.”” – JTA


    That “Yoshe Kalb” has nothing to do with the story of about a Yoshe Kalb in
    Rabbi Dr. Twerski’s The Zeide Reb Motele, if anyone else is curious.

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