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    Does anyone have any information???? (also if it is a kosher phone or not) and where to buy. Also, anyone know where to but Orange phone company?? THANXXXXXXXXX

    lebidik yankel

    “Hot” has a very cheap, pay as you go, plan. they charge 10 agurot to pretty much anywhere. Google for them. (They give you only the Sim)


    If you’re looking for something “permanent,” try Golan Telecom. 99 shekels/month includes unlimited calling in Israel and international. Plus unlimited text messages.

    If you’re looking for Orange, they are everywhere.


    I went to Orange on Malchei Yisrael (Geula) and they had a list of Kosher phone options. I think I paid 200 shekels for the phone (That was a piece of junk, so now I bought a better used one.), and I pay about $12 per month. I don’t remember how many minutes I got- something like 500 to kosher phones, 500 to landlines, and a small amount per minute to non-kosher cells.


    I think any american rental phone company is a complete waste of money! They will charge you a fortune and give you little minute and are not very flexible in many ways. I think you are better off getting an Israeli plan. They are much cheaper and are not looking to rip money off people as much. I have heard of this 99 shekel plan a number of times and hear its great! If you don’t need so many minutes out of israel, there are tunz of cheaper plans with tuns of minutes!

    Good Luck!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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