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    Does any one have any good ideas for a cheap birthday surprise for a husband?

    lammed hey

    send kids out and spend time with him.


    Everyone’s idea of cheap is relative…

    My husband loved when I sponsored shalosh seuda in our shul it was just “the guys” and a l’chayim…of course when Shabbos was over the kids and I added to the celebration with ice cream!

    May he have many more healthy and happy birthdays to celebrate!


    I did something fantastic- we all loved it.

    I got a dish that has a ceramic bowl on a stand with a candle underneath it.(bought in Manhattan dept. store for about $10).

    I cut up some fresh fruits, melons, even banana! and of course some fresh choc chip cookies/brownie cakes. I then filled this dish with bittersweet baking chocolate, lit the candle under the dish, and waited for the choc to melt.

    We then had a delicious dessert dipping the fruits into the hot chocolate!!!!

    Was a real delicacy!!

    The family was thrilled!!!!


    Husbands tend to love gifts given with love and not so much their materialistic worth. So anything ranging from his favorite cake to a night out in a hotel will have him thrilled and positively looking forward to his next birthday!


    A few years ago, I got my hubby a Sefer Hakiddush with his name on it. He stills uses it every Shabbos and Yom Tov (except Pesach). Maybe make him a mug ( is where you could get one and type in winter08 for 20% off) with pictures of you and him together or the family. Or make a framed collage for his office. Good Luck!!


    I agree with the know-it-all. I think that if it is for a guy, making the day special trumps giving him a chotchke. Favorite supper, or a homemade cake are some good ideas.

    Of course, if you buy toys he will like them too (e.g. a 21.6 volt cordless drill or a gas powered chain saw), but if you don’t plan on spending a lot of money on something nearly useless, the costless gifts are the priceless ones.


    a mousepad with a family picture is about $15 and great for the office


    Debby – give him a giftcard for the YWN Coffee Room.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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