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    Does anyone know of a cheap prepaid plan for a cell phone?

    I would go for 1200 min and 500 txt a month


    For that kind of usage, you’re better off with a plan. Look into Sprint; that’s what my wife / son have.


    Considering most prepaid plans charge close to 10 cents a minute (once you do all the math), you are better off with a traditional phone plan if you are looking for 1200 minutes.

    A nicely priced plan, may have lousy service in your area.



    I don’t want to break any rules, so if moderators have any issue with the link to this information, it will be on the last line and they can delete it.


    Why don’t you look into pageplus? They work on the verizon network… Check out their website for current promotions. I know of a number of friends that use them although their customer service is not too great. But choose a cell phone company for the service and price not their customer service. Hatzlachah!


    there are a bunch of pre paids now that offer exactly that. you can get 1200 minutes a month (not sure about texting) for $30. the best part is that you only pay sales tax and not the bunch of fees that you need to pay with a plan. Hi tech 2000 in bp has such a plan and walmart does too. i’m pretty sure you can get walmart’s online.


    page plus is 1200 minutes 1200 texts a month for 30 unlimited both for 40. (last i checked) there is also tmobile prepaid for similar. att is about 60 for unlimited both prepaid and it has very good service. Cell phone plans have evolved (kind of like long distance did 15 years ago). now it’s easy to get unlimited prepaid at good prices. The only real reason to get a plan is the extras like data etc.


    VirginMobile has good rates and doesnt charge a daily fee

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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