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    I’m trying to help find a cheap place for a chasuna for someone I’m close with… unfortunately both families are not in any great financial shape and cannot afford much…please help!


    Which town?


    Rent the hall for a Friday lunchtime wedding. All halls have a reduced rate for a Friday Chasuno; You would also be following an ancient Talmudic time practice.

    BTW Tu b’Ov is a Friday this year, so this would be a great thing to do for the young couple.

    be joyful

    Make the wedding in Lakewood NJ.

    I know many friends from all over the USA that have made weddings there. they have packages that come with everything included from the food to the photographer & musician etc…


    Thanks for the responses!

    Lakewood is out of possibilities

    Anywhere in the queens, brooklyn, monsey areas is where they are hoping for and Friday is a definite no.

    a mamin

    In Boro Park I believe Torah Veyirah is the cheapest!

    Mazel tov!


    The problem with a Lakewood wedding is the distance from Brooklyn, Queens and Monsey. A Brooklyn friend of my sister made a wedding in Lakewood and saved a lot of money. The downside was it was midweek and 80% of the relatives and almost all the friends did not come because of the 4 hour round trip drive.


    Tiferes Rifka


    Most shuls have a large room that can be used for a wedding. The only requirement is that the room doesn’t have fixed chairs (i.e. pews), since one needs to have space to dance.(though music and dancing at a wedding while customary is not a requirement for a wedding). One should note that many rabbanim have strongly suggested a one man band at most. Actually, recorded music is cheaper.

    One should note there is no halachic requirement of a video or even a professional photographer – in fact, until less than a century ago no frum wedding ever had photography.

    The only requirements that can NOT be skipped are a kesubah (available at bookstores), a hupah and poles, kiddushin (a ring in most current traditions, some use a coin – and the ring can’t be too expensive since it isn’t supposed to include fancy jewels), and kosher witnesses as well as a minyan.

    The government marriage license is an added expense, but skipping it causes paperwork issues and may be illegal (though the person presiding over the wedding is acting illegally, not the couple), though it doesn’t affect whether the wedding is valid under American law.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Lesschumras, so what’s the downside?



    The downside was it was midweek and 80% of the relatives and almost all the friends did not come because of the 4 hour round trip drive.

    That’s the upside. He saved 80% off the catering (in addition to the cheaper hall).


    nishtdayngesheft: Isn’t Tiferes Rifka one of the fancier halls?


    From what I understand, on good authority, they have “Takana” packages. A good portion of the nights are available for very reasonably price chasunas.

    I think Satmar hall in Monsey/ Spring Valley also has reasonably priced packages that met include some photography and music.


    Joseph. That would be true unless, like the Williamsburg halls, the contract required them to pay for a minimum number of people, whether they showed up or not


    I forgot the names but in Williamsburg there are new takanah halls that are beautiful and much cheaper than any mentioned here.


    In Spring Valley Ateres Chaya Suruh is reasonable with a package. I made a wedding for 250 people with pictures & flowers for about 10 K


    If a very small sheva brochos is possible, you can do it in a restaurant.

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