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    I live in the alte heim, Brooklyn, which is a wonderful place that is zoche to the highest auto insurance premiums in America. I was offered by someone to register my car in south Da akota, a place I’ve barely even heard of, but I’m aware that it’s a 24 hour drive away. I want sure how that would fly over if i get into an accident a bit closer to the borsht belt. I know out of state registration is very common, so any pearls of wisdom from our astute and esteemed assemblage? I’m gonna ask a Rov before i undertake any great financial steps, but did anyone get any psakim on the matter? In a slightly related tangent, how ate lakewood premiums compared to Brooklyn? I’ll probably feel more comfortable registering it in the name of one of my very many relations in the Ir Hakodesh. (I’m the only Brooklyn holdout, even my parents moved to lakewood to be worth the einaklach. They have all the same neighbors as they had here, the whole block did the same thing :-). Did anyone have a hard time with payouts due to inaccurate location declarations? Thank you so much, and may we continue to save every penny we can to try to survive financially while making less than $250000.


    I can’t remember ever seeing a South Dakota plate in NY, but I think there are more cars with North Carolina plates in NYC than in NC.


    If the insurance company finds out they can not pay a claim, which can be a major issue if it is a major claim, especially one that you were at fault at and your insurance company doesn’t pay the other party tens of thousands of dollars or more.

    (That being said, on behalf of frumnotyeshivish I hereby inform you that it is not always assur and many people do it and take the risk.)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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