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    How much do you save by hunting down (and driving to) a less expensive gas station in your area? Generally the difference in price between the more expensive and less expensive stations are within 10 cents a gallon (it seems to me.) Even if you do a lot of driving, how much will you end up saving per year?

    And is there any quality difference in the actual gasoline from a name-brand station versus a no-name station?

    big deal

    I don’t know but it definitely serves to make you feel good that you got the same product for cheaper than everyone else.

    I wonder if you don’t pay it all back on the extra mileage though.


    That’s why they are making cars now that will run on air. The battery operated option hasn’t really taken off that well since they have not created them strong enough to withstand everyday use… They are proposing the air will eliminate the petrol cars if they are made well enough.


    Is the gasoline pumped at Bubbele’s Gas Station as good as the gas from an Exxon Mobil station?


    Nissim’s Super Miracle Gas Station on Ocean Parkway and Ave. S pumps arak instead of premium unleaded. At the rate we are going, arak will soon be cheaper than gasoline.


    All gas stations sell the same regulated quality gasoline, I believe.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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