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    Ashrecha Yisroel

    It is known that the white house looks at what everyone says about them.

    How much do you think they pay attention to YWN?

    Does Obama know how much hate was written about him? He is going to be our President, and we should want him to like us.


    True, Yoshi but maybe we should be worried about the chilul H-shem!


    Which president Hussein will be taking away from us very shortly anyway, so I wouldn’t be too concerned.


    duvdl – your ridiculous comment just makes those who object to the new President for real reasons look stupid. He has no intention or ability to take away that right.

    Ashrecha Yisroel


    I’m not talking about spying or us doing anything illegal. They want to know what the people think of them, and alot of chilul hashem has happened here.

    I think it’s in our best interest to have the President like us as much as we can have him like us.


    Thank you Ashrecha Yisroel

    It is with attitudes like yours that creating a kiddush hashem will be foremost in peoples minds. Why do people have to think it’s a “stira” (contradiction) to express yourself respectfully yet share a difference of opinion? All too often people in these “coffee rooms” get over passionate and tend towards insults and brow bashing. It is not limited to “Jewish” blogs, but we do have to hold to a higher standard… WE are the Am Hanivchar… people expect better from us for good reason.


    Ummm … squeak?

    ever heard of the fairness doctrine … a reinterpreted version can do a lot of damage, and with this congress and a president who has already said he would not veto it, im not so sure


    If they wish to know what people think of them they can find this via google. Somehow I don’t think they care. If one threatens the life of the president (or vice president) you can expect a visit from the Secret Service, but besides that who cares.

    Freedom of speech means you can insult the president, even look like a total fool while doing so if you want.


    We always have to watch how and what we write, there are definitely non mishelonu’s that frequent this and similar websites.

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    If the government is watching this web site, the losers are the taxpayers.


    The government may or may not be watching this site.

    However, you can be certain that reporters, pundits, and anti-religious bloggers definitely have their eyes on us. This site is not at all private, and it’s quite obviously a repository for ultra-orthodox opinions.

    Regardless of whether you believe that, one should ALWAYS be mindful of what comes out of one’s mouth.

    Ashrecha Yisroel

    Thanks, think613. Good Point.

    My main point though is the CHILLUL HASHEM involved.

    Ashrecha Yisroel

    Zach, noone is threatening the president. We just may cause him to dislike our Frum community more than is good for us.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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