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    Which cheeses require a wait of six hours before eating meat?




    Being the Asseres y’Mei Teshuvo, please ensure that your cheese is Cholov Yisroel, even if you do consume Cholov Akkum the remainder of the year.


    147- I have heard shittos that said that the S”A meant pas Yisroel specifically. He didn’t mean every single chumra. And even though chalav stam that was kosher didn’t exist back then, it’s unclear if he would have extended that minhag to chalav yisroel and chalav stam.


    147: You made up that Chumra. No one consumes Chalav Akkum. Everyone agrees that it’s Assur. Those who rely on R’ Moshe hold that Chalav Stam doesn’t count as Chalav Akkum. The Chumra in the Shulchan Aruch is not to eat Pas Palter, which is a Chumra that everyone should keep during the Aseres Y’mei T’shuvah (R’ Schachter says to be Machmir on that every Shabbos and Yom Tov as well).


    I agree with Sam2. My understanding is that Pas Palter is the only “chumro” that started off as a chumro. Usually every chumro is an added layer to a regular issur, though pas palter is different. When chazal made the gezeira, it was never accepted fully, so it never become “assur”. The tzibbur wasn’t able to adhere to it, so the issur never stuck. Hence, at the end of the day, you have something that chazal instated that isn’t an issur. Unlike anything else.


    ONLY kosher cheeses.


    The OU in Daf HaKashrus 20-7 has a comprehensive chart of dozens of cheeses and their status.

    just me

    All aged cheeses such as parmesan, romano and sharp cheddar are “hard” cheeses. These are aged at least 6 months and you must wait 6 hours (depending on your minhag) before eating meat. Some cheeses these days are chemically aged so they aren’t aged 6 months, but I’ve been told by the mashgiach of a cheese company that they are still considered aged. When in doubt, call the company. I’ve found most mashgiachim to be very helpful.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    From the OU’s site:

    Aged Cheese List

    By: Rabbi Avraham Gordimer

    Here are some common cheeses and the lengths of time for which they are aged:

    Bleu: 2-4.5 months

    Brie: 3-6 weeks

    Camembert (French-made): 3-5 weeks

    Cheddar: 2 months to 2 years or longer (Sharp cheddar is aged for at least 5 months *)

    Colby: 1-3 months

    Edam: 3 months

    Emental (Swiss Cheese-Switzerland): 6-14 months *

    Feta (from cow milk): brined 2-3 months

    Feta (from goat or sheep milk): brined 3-6 months

    Gouda: 3 months

    Gruyere: 7 weeks-3 months

    Monterey: 2 months

    Mozzarella: 30 Days

    Muenster: 5-7 weeks

    Parmesan: 10-24 months or more *

    Provolone: 3-12 months (* If variety of Provolone which is aged approx. 6 months)

    Romano: 5-12 months *

    Swiss Cheese/American-Made: 3-4 months

    * = Must Wait After Consumption According to OU Poskim


    Just me: In regards to chemically aged cheese, in the latest OU Daf Hakashrut it states that the cheeses are considered like regular hard cheeses. Though they make it sound like it’s not really applicable nowadays, since enzyme-aged cheese is not sold in stores. It’s only used for seasonings and similar scenarios where it’s mixed with regular cheese in order to give it the “aged” flavor without being too expensive like aged cheese. In these cases the OU is mattir without waiting 6 hours since the “aged” cheese is mixed into the regular cheese, it keeps the status of regular cheese.


    For your info. Sam2 & Uneeq, this is a Pesak that I received from my late Rosh Yeshiva ZT’L, so your comments were disrespectful to the memory of my saintly Rosh Yeshiva ZTKLLH’H.


    147: Then you should have presented them as such and not as your own. And even so, I stand by what I said. If R’ Moshe himself didn’t mention it when he said that Chalav Stam (“Hacompanies’) counts as not being Chalav Shechalvo Akkum then no one else really has a right to come by later and say that you shouldn’t rely on this during the AY”T.

    And the reason is pretty Mevuar. By Pas Palter there are two acceptable Minhagim. The Poskim just have a caveat that within the Meikil Minhag is included being Machmir during the AY”T. Here it is a question of whether this milk is included under the title of Chalav Shechalvo Akkum, which is always Assur to drink. Thus, by being “Machmir” on that during the AY”T one is either pointlessly buying different milk or admitting that he is Over an actual Issur D’rabannan all year round, Mah She’ein Kein in the case of Pas.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕


    Disagreeing with someone’s halachic opinion, especially when the opinion was not quoted in the person’s name, is not disrespectful.


    While not adressing the issur of chalav stam the aruch hashulchan states exactly like Sam2. The aruch hashulchan states that one may only do chumros on aseres ymei teshuvah where it is a chumrah. He writes if there is a machlokes and one side says what you are doing is assur to be machmir is to admit that you were wrong the whole year which you cannot do.


    Once upon a time, I bought some cheese at pomegranate that said it was aged 9 months. But, it really wasn’t very hard–it was soft and squishy like any mozzarella cheese.

    So I called a posek (I disremember who) and asked him. I said it’s aged 9 months, but it isn’t hard. He said then I don’t need to wait.

    I figured that would be the answer, since the halacha is for ????? ???. Now, issur v’heter (in taz) does define that as 6 months, so it is not obvious. But this posek confirmed that for me.

    Also, I have this feeling that I don’t really want to be so machmir on this din. After all, the entire din of waiting six hours after meat is not min hadin, and is just a chumrah we do to be choshesh like the rishonim who read the gemarah as shiur seudah. And the extension to cheese is only a chumrah on top of that, that the rema says it is nice to be machmir–while the maharshal says it is ??? ????? to keep it. And the taz says to only keep it for wormy cheese (cheese with cheese mites, it is kosher). So I like to be meikel on any part of it that I can.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    The Aruch Hashulchan is in O”C 603:2.

    147, do you feel that the Aruch Hashulchan was being disrespectful to your RY?

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