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    A feature of the chemistry of the transition elements is the similarities in their properties. The properties of elements in other sections of the table change according to pronounced trends. Explain why these trends are not observed in the transition metals.


    When cholent remains in the digestive system for too long, it releases vitamins and minerals in an overly concentrated fashion. This, combined with wine or slivovitz (a distillate of wood and various heavy metals including lead and cadmium), can create severe nutritional imbalances which cause unpleasant ractions known in daily parlance as brechin.

    Therefore, the Ingarischers added beans to cholent so that it would properly transition from the digestive system to the (first outdoor and then indoor) plumbing system in time for shalesh seudes. This is not observed in keegel and galle because keegel and galle have few if any nutrients. The transition metals absorbed from forks and spoons, outside of Otisville, Creedmoor and homes that want third-rate shidduchim and therefore use plastic cutlery, are not sufficient to give galle and keegel any nutrient value.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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