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    I am looking for chesed opportunities. I especially am interested in doing bikur cholim and chevra kadisha work, although doing things like tutoring kids, being a Big Brother, and learning with someone would also be of interest to me. Does anyone know of any such opportunities in Brooklyn, Queens, or beyond?

    a mamin

    Call the local Bikur Cholim organizations.718 438 2020 Yad Ephraim 718 431 0404



    Kol Hakavod to you.

    I know that Chai Lifeline has many oppurtunities to do chesed like you describe. I am a volunteer in NJ but I know they have a huge operation in Brooklyn as well. You can become a “big brother”, and do hospital respite.

    As well Mesameach in Lakewood is always looking for volunteers to cheer ppl up and visit hospitals, I dont know if they have a base in bklyn also.

    As for learning, you can become a Oorah Torah Mate- call them!

    Hatzlacha with your quest for chesed!

    Ben Melech

    there is a great website, created by someone who had free time during the day, and now its is non stop chesed, i know this man personally


    try achiezer- they can use volunteers


    I am trying to do this as a means of bettering myself right now. I just came out of a bad breakup after a 6 month relationship and am looking to move on and better myself. I also think that doing these chesed activities is a good way to make new acquaintances who can help me find my basherta in due time.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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