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    Do you make certain time during the week to devote for a Chesed organization? which one? What do you do for them? There are so many oragnizations and volunteers out there- its interesting to see what everyone is involved in. (kiruv, poor, elderly, sick, schools, shuls)

    Also, Whats your attitude when doing your hour

    a. I felt bad saying no- so i do it to help them! Wish they could find someone to take me over,

    b. It makes me feel so good- for myself.. i feel like a tzaddik/tzadekes.

    c. Im just happy to help someone! lishma!

    golden mom

    I like doing private like when friends and family need that extra don’t have time to run do big organizations and when its close to home u have a better idea of what u can do and how it effected the person


    Can you suggest a chessed that an 8 year old boy can do (that does not involve visiting hospitals or nursing homes)? Thanks. Tizku l’mitzvos.


    I work at a Yeshiva for a ridiculisly low salary that is my main chesed.


    Goq, I have been curious for a while. Why do you work there. You don’t always come across as being happy at your job. At your age maybe you would be much happier in a more fulfilling environment one that can satisfy your own needs better.


    Everyone does chessed in their own way as the opportunity arises. And not everyone can do what others do. Some people drive for Bikur Cholim and take patients to their doctor appointments. Some volunteer for Hatzolah which is one of the biggest chassodim you can do. Some help others with homework, which is what an 8 year old can do for someone who is NOT up to the level of the class. Some babysit or cook for others who are ill. Some work with teens and mentor them. Some join organizations. Everyone had different gifts and talents. We also have different schedules and lifestyles. So we find the time to do what we can and when we are faced with an opportunity we do our best to meet the challenge.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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