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    jO jO

    Anyone know why Chiffon’s Bakery on Coney Island Avenue closed?


    could be they invested money with Mr. Madoff


    their landlord wanted to raise their rent and they did not want to pay that much money so they were denied a new lease. i have no idea what the percent raise was or anything like that but there was a sign in the store window that confirmed what I heard.


    The sign says the landlord would not renegotiate that means for any amount. I spoke to the landlords daughter they want to renovate all 3 floors and than rent or sell. Go to the pics on facebook and reread the sign. What a pity besides the best challah in town the owners gave genorously to anyone that asked. There were alot of crying customers the last 2 days that they were open. shame on the greedy landlords look what they did to our people.


    Why isn’t a landlord allowed to do what he wants with his building? A renter has no right to a perpetual lease.


    a landlord can do what he wants… especially if a tenant has not paid rent for a number of months


    “a landlord can do what he wants… especially if a tenant has not paid rent for a number of months”

    Moderator. Unless people here have specific knowledge of the situation, perhaps it is best to shut this down now before the mud starts flying.

    I doubt the owner of Chiffons OR the landlord want or need anyone defending them on this site.


    I spoke to the landlords daughter the owners paid rent always and on time even the landlord is not mudslinging like you. now you want to know why the attack in mumbai happened and why moshiach isn’t here yet. Too much talk = too much time on peoples hands. Maybe go to a shiur or prayer group instead of suggesting false rumors

    Will Hill

    Its the landlords property, and he has a right to end the lease for no reason at all, if thats what he wants (even though all payment were up to date.)


    i used to love this bakery!!! what a shame!!!!


    The landlord has caused problems for every tenant that he had. I should know, I was one. It’s one thing to raise rent but it’s another to raise it to an amount that he knows the tenant, or anyone else for that matter, could not pay. He is supposed to be a Jewish man and should have the morals of such man. He had a sure thing. A wonderful, clean bakery, doing good business with delicious merchandise, with the most honest owners I know. He also joined up with Ostrovitsky bakery and put up fake signs saying that they are now serving the customers of Chiffon’s. Why would Chiffon’s give up their customers if they plan to reopen? More dishonest people for you!!


    too much time, definitely has too much time on his/her hands. How dare he/she say such a thing? Does this person know the owners? They paid their rent up until the last day. Maybe he should take a page from jphone and keep his mouth (writing) shut until he knows the facts.


    I have a space that I would rent chiffons

    how doo i reach them?

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