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    My children just cant seem to get along with one another


    check out ‘when children fight’ by miriam levi

    shtiky shlo

    when i see kids fighting it just aggravates me i cant stand it i turn beet red in the face and feel like yelling but i dont because of moshe

    i love coffe

    “It is in NY and I’m starting to date now and plan on living in Bk.” (from another thread).

    So, you have children? OR you are in an environment where you work with children? Sorry, but I couldn’t help to notice this.


    Taught to them M’usar seforim from time to time.

    Song of Blessing

    @dhl144 it could be how you react to the fights. Never let them put you in a corner and side with one or the other.

    Also dont worry so much if theyr young because some kids that fight tonz when they’re younger grow out of it when they’re older.

    If they’re older – seek help! It doesn’t stop at the teenage years. Family feuds result out of siblings not getting along and can last for generations….

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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