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    How best to go about helping a child whose teeth are corroding?


    I would start by working on getting them into the habit of brushing every night and every morning. My dentist said for the parent to brush a child’s teeth until they are at least 8 years old. After that they need to learn how to do it. Make sure they floss as well. Morning and nighttime routines are very important in our lives and should be established in childhood. One interesting note that my dentist made was that he got his kids used to mint flavored toothpaste from an early age rather than all of the fruit-flavored ones that are out there. He didn’t think they were as good as the regular stuff.

    I would take him/her to a good pediatric dentist and have their problems treated. You want them to feel good about going to the dentist and not scared. I had a bad experience at the dentist and hated going after that. I have big problems for that reason. I didn’t want that to happen to my children and was fortunate to find a really good pediatric dentist here and they are not afraid to go.

    Cut back on sweet snacks that are held in the mouth, like lollipops, taffy candies, and sucking candies. The amount of sugar that stays around the teeth is enormous. If the child does eat them as a once in awhile treat, make sure they brush immediately after finishing. My dentist also mentioned not having sweets in sandwiches, particularly the ones sent with the child to school for the midday meal, like jam/jelly with peanut butter. He said that he only gave that to his kids once a week.

    BTW, you don’t have to wait to get the brushing habit down before going to the dentist, I just happened to write it that way.


    Start visits to the dentist early; don’t wait until the kids are older.

    I would add let the kids drink fluoridated water, not bottled. If your water isn’t fluoridated, make sure the dentist gives them fluoride treatments.


    flouride is actually very controversial and causes teeth mottling in higher doses. Most municipalities are reducing flouride in water rather than adding to it on advice from the FDA. There is a book called “The Flouride Deception” where you can learn more.


    I don’t brush my teeth, and haven’t lost any yet. Toothpaste is icky!

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