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    Nearly every time i go out in Lakewood, there is always something someone does, that makes the Jewish people look bad… This happened at a pharmacy recently while waiting online, there was a frum guy in front of me, with a bluetooth piece, talking very loudly – the woman behind the countery says “next” and he walks up to the counter, but is still yaking away to “yanki” about his chavrusahs new baby and holds his finger up to the woman as if to say “ill be right with you” . after a minute, he ends his call and says “yes im picking up medicine for ****” – she gets the bag and says can you verify your address, he says “24 **** street.. she says “oh we have 25 *** street. he says ” well obviously i know where i live, so just give me my medicine im in a big rush!” “but we need you to verify the address that we have on file before we can release the medicine ” well i obviously know where i live, so obviously your systems are wrong” she was so flustered, she just gave him the medicine and he stormed out in a huff.

    This is only 1 of many things that go on, and it it downright embarrassing for me as a Jew to see another Jew make the rest of us look bad. And people wonder why there is anti semitism towards the Jewish population. There is no excuse for such behavior. You are no better than a cockroach, when you treat another human being in such a crude manner!

    When you wear your Kippa, or your black hat, or any other “frum” looking attire, you are representing the Jewish Nation in a whole. Just remember that the next time you leave your house, and the next time you open your mouth.

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