China has opened overseas police stations in US and Canada to monitor Chinese ci

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    Democrats get triggered when they are called Communists yet they are warm to every idea represented by communism. If you vote democrat, you’re supporting communism to spread in the US.


    They are not police station. They are undercover agents, who can be prosecuted as unregistered agents of a foreign power (and if they are diplomats can be expelled for engaging in inappropriate activities).

    China has not had a “communist” economic system for over a generation. It has system of “free” enterprise with heavy involvement by the government in guiding the economy. Its political system, while showing some traces of its “communist” origin, is basically a standard authoritarian dictatorship. In most ways, China more closely resembles Germany during the Third Reich, or Italy during the fascist period, than a “communist” country such as China during Mao’s leadership, or the Soviet Union.


    The PRC has been “monitoring” overseas nationals and expats for decades. The more recent focus is on grad students at top American universities and nationals employed in leading high-tech companies and in some of the U.S. national labs. The U.S. is sufficiently concerned about “leakage” of high-tech secrets to China that they pressured the Israeli delegation attending the White House negotiations last week on expanding U.S.-Israel technology collaboration to cancel Israel’s recent agreement to share some of its high-tech programs with China.

    Baby Squirrel

    This has nothing to do with Communism or not-Communism. The PRC is an immoral authoritarian state, that’s the problem.

    And yes – the U.S. & Canada need to quickly expel these chinese undercover agents, and Israel should not be having any technological cooperation with China at all; do South Korea and Taiwan instead.


    When I was in grad school, it was obvious that Chinese students are afraid of each other. Each of them would talk when the others were not there.

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