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    Did you ever win anything by a Chinese Auction?


    Yes once i put in for an ipod but they put it in the wrong box and i won a silver esrog box instead


    I one time won a silver menorah.

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    first thread I offically joined the CR for this past December 😉


    Yes. I won a chair type of thing but it was for little kids and that wasn’t quite the impression I got when I put in for it.


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    “B’H– 2 yrs ago I won, @ different Chinese auctions: 2 trips to Colorado, a diamond ring, diamond earrings, a 2 yr car lease on a mini van, $500 Artscroll gift certificate, $500 B&H gift certificate, a sheitel, bookcase. 21 volume English Mishna Breurah,a GPS, $250 Step 2 Toys gift certificate,a gift certificate for a free bridal gown rental (& B’H, my daughter got married within the year!!!!– it was a ‘jackpot’ prize… she wasn’t shidduch dating before that), etc. In the past I had won: another bookcase, another 2 sheitels , a leather couch, The ‘Tur’ & many other seforim, silver candlesticks, a child’s bedroom set, woman’s shopping spree, a ‘den’ decorating pkg., a dinette set, a simcha singer’s services (used for my son’s wedding),etc. // for the past year and a half, I haven’t won anything! no complaints… I always say: it’s decided on Rosh Hashana & sealed on Hoshana Rabbah…”

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    I won a megillah (which I still use) and a silver case (which I never used and sits in my house gathering dust).

    Another time I won a sheitel for my wife.

    The Wolf


    Yes. KA”H a few times. Then I replace the tzedaka money I used to buy the tickets and give it back to tzedaka. I am still way ahead. Everyone comes out a winner. The organization I originally gave to. I won something worth more than the money I gave and then the next tzedaka that benefits from the money I just regave!

    May we all be winners!

    Feif Un

    I won a pair of diamond earrings for my wife once.

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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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