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    Anan Sahadi

    My son would like to get an ipod touch, I have nothing wrong with it but would like to hear your opinions.


    Please stop trolling. I saw you on a different thread, claiming that you have been a Rebbe for 20 years. If that is true, you should surely know how to deal with a situation like this.

    Anan Sahadi

    you are right though, sorry!


    I assume you are referring to the last update (series 7) Apple introduced last year. Problem is those changes were very slight The changes are slight over the Series 6 iPod Touch that came out back in 2015 (mainly a slightly better processor). It is cheap (especially if you can find a Series 6) small, and has a decent speaker and decent speed, but the screen is very cramped, hard to link to Apps and has no cellular connection if your son will need to use it outside of WiFi range.

    Anan Sahadi

    I was just saying that to make a point


    Freilichen Purim!

    Sam Klein

    There’s enough garbage that your son can C”V get to even with you installing a filter and parental control etc… that’s completely not kosher and bad for his chinuch. Save yourself and your son from a tragedy C”V and effecting his ruchnius and his neshama.

    Find him a different nice gift he will enjoy using but not something that can effect his ruchnius and his upbringing


    Everyone is talking about dangers. This is legit. Still, Hashem created all this devices that you could use … buy him a Chrombook, bolt it in the living room, and use it to learn divrei Torah and math.


    iPod touch 7th gen, I own one, the apple parental controls are amazing, as long as you link to an account to apple id account is your own (as if u get the incorrect password 10 times it gives you the option to reset password through Apple ID).

    I use the free version of the gentch filter which is gr8 besides it blocked random sites, and it doesn’t allow me to play individual songs on Spotify!

    It is basically a phone without the ability to call or text ( there is iMessage), you need to connect to WiFi to use any internet.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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