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    Red Adair

    B”H relatives will iy”H be making a Chol HaMoed bris. The location is Flatbush.
    There don’t seem to be many (or any) caterers available for Chol Hamoed, and preparing food in our homes is obviously not an option due to the shul’s hashgocha.

    The only option I can think of is to buy:
    – plastic tablecloths, cutlery, plates and cups
    – uncut fruit (apples, oranges, etc.)
    – unopend boxes of machine matza
    – unopened wine (or grape juice) and plastic kosos
    – unopened orange juice containers and milk containers (no coffee, since no way of heating water in kosher le’Pesach pots or urns).
    – unopened Pesach cake, cookies, macaroons, etc.
    – unopened lox, cream cheese and possibly tuna salad and egg salad

    Has anybody here made a Pesach bris? Any advice and suggestions are welcome, especially from anyone who has actually made a Chol HaMoed Pesach bris themselves.
    Thank you.


    The Shul will not allow presachdigeh urns just to boil water for instant coffee? You might be able to find cut fruit packaged for pesach. The rest sounds correct. Flaums has prepackaged tuna and egg salad KFP, I think there are also packaged whitefish salads and herring. The only other option might be a fleishigs option. I think Glatt Mart’s take out was made pesachdig. Mazel Tov Yhi ROTZON SHEHYIGADLO LTORAH ULCHUPAH ULMAASIM TOVIM VYACHNISO LIVRISO SHEL AVRAHOM AVINU BITO UBIZMANO.

    Red Adair

    iacisrmma, thank you for the suggestions. Whitefish salad and herring should go well with matza. We don’t own an urn or pot that’s big enough to accommodate a bris crowd, so asking the shul isn’t the issue. We may get small iced coffee boxes for the people who need their caffeine (like me) if we can find them.
    Amein to and thank you for your brachos – iy”H may you and your family also experience and share many simchos.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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