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    Maggid of Pinsk

    Does anyone have a good recipe for a low-calorie cholent (chulent) or kugel (kigel)? I really don’t want my morbid obesity to interfere with my kovod shabbos; and no, I don’t eat vegetarian rubbish.


    Why should chulent be a high calorie food? Beans, barley, meat? Unless its a high fat meat, try turkey necks or chicken gizzards.
    Kugel? Instead of putting in oil, try half oil half water.


    How does half oil, half water, affect the taste?


    Low fat chulent comes out dry. Anyway, one should expect the Maggid of Pinsk to know that
    1. You can just eat less chulent and
    2. You could maybe stand to lose a couple of pounds, but that doesn’t make you morbidly obese.


    Joseph: I prefer it.


    check out Nechama Cohens- cook book. Enlitened Kosher Cooking


    The heimishe call that book Haskala Kosher Cooking.


    Maggid, Since when does “kovod shabbos” mean fressing cholent and kigel?

    Does The Maggid have something against kishke?

    Dr. Anders Nerman, a Canadian-trained Naturopathic Physician living and practicing in Jerusalem, estimated the average total caloric intake on Shabbat was 6,130 calories!

    Having three days worth of calories crammed into one day – THAT is “kovod shabbos”!


    By foregoing a veggie-based chulent (using yummy seitan, tempeh or tofu meat substitutes) you are missing out on one of the greatest culinary treats given to us by the Ebeshter. Forget about the big mitzvah of tikun olam which will guarantee you a big chelek of olam haboh (where you will be able to eat the real thing forever….)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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