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    Y.W. Editor

    We have been trying to properly organize the threads by category.

    When starting a thread, PLEASE try to put it into what you think is the correct category.

    If you think any new categories added, please post them in this thread.

    Thank you.


    I don’t know if you can change it back, but until some months ago whenever a new topic was started the poster was forced to choose a category. Now it defaults to “Decaffeinated” unless the poster changes it to a different category. The old way was better, since it didn’t have a default and forced the poster to choose something.


    how about a thread for energy conservation / resource conservation / pollution reduction / green topics?


    It would be a good idea to recategorize a lot of the newer stuff in the Decaf category, that belong in other categories.


    Editor, How about a category for “Tefilla / Davening”? There is so many threads on that subject. (Just search the CR for “davening” in the title.) You can even move the old threads into the new category!

    Y.W. Editor

    Thanks for the idea. It has just been added.


    Can you add Bakery to Kosher Establishments?

    Y.W. Editor


    And moved your new thread 😉

    Y.W. Editor



    Hi Key Master

    (That sounds so James Bond secret agent-like lol)

    Can there be an option after a thread is started in a wrong category for the person who made the thread, or others to move it to a more correct category?


    Can you make a ‘Troll’ section and write next to it- anything about dirty tissues in shul?


    6yo thread

    Actually the dirty tissues in shul thread was very helpful.

    In it, LU explained that she sometimes carries a baggie for dirty tissues on her.

    Seriously how did I live my life up until now carrying bags and purses and never thinking of bring a plastic bag with me for my dirty tissues?

    A couple weeks ago I did just that for the first time ever. I went to a shiur and it was so nice to put the dirty tissue in a trash bag right away. I didn’t have it rested in my purse waiting for the end of class to toss it out.

    So nice!

    Thanks for that tip btw LU 🙂


    Why can’t post???


    I’m afraid all evidence is to the contrary, dear sir.


    The categories with the fewest threads in them
    (according to the current main page) are:
    Kosher Alcohol Beverages (Wine, Bourbon, Vodkas, Scotch) – 16 threads
    Cooking Tips – 17 threads
    Web & Social Media – Latest Online Tips & Tools – 38
    (I’m not counting Kosher Establishments-without-further-classification.)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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