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    Can anyone give me ideas how to make chopped liver with a sweetness like Mealmart’s or International Glatt? Currently I fry onions in a liberal amount of oil, add liver to pan, sautee for a few minutes, & then blend it together with a hard-boiled egg. I spice it with black pepper & salt. it tastes pretty good, however sometimes I rather it sweeter.

    Any ideas?






    Maple syrup



    You are missing putting it through a meat grinder with some stale challah or a stale egg bagel, then mix in some Hellman’s Mayo and a bit of garlic powder along with your salt and pepper.
    DON’T use the generic cheap yellow onions, buy Vidalia (sweet onions) if available or a large Spanish Onion. The small onions that come in the 3lb bags for about a dollar are bitter.
    The Mayo is a Hungarian thing that Mrs. CTL learned from her step-father’s sister.

    Also, calve’s liver is not as bitter as beef liver.

    We use equal parts chicken livers and calve’s liver. Salt, WHITE Pepper, Garlic Powder, Oil, Mayo, bread.
    It must sit overnight in the refrigerator, then mix well and adjust seasonings.



    Is the liver sweet because of the onions?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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