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    Has anyone ever heard of this? I am told it is a Chasidishe Minhag where the Chosson dances with the kallah via a gartel the night before the wedding. I am not asking for pros or cons just for an explanation if anyone knows …


    Is it appropriate for sons-in-laws to attend? i.e. would he have to?


    Oomis- the kallahs face gets covered of course


    It’s interesting, but I have never ever heard of it, and I have many friends from chassidishe families. Is it a particular chassidic group?


    most people follow the minhag of the chosson and kallah not seeing each other for a week before the wedding.

    A friend told me her father-in-law (a photographer) used to love to work at Sephardi weddings because they didn’t have that minhag and he could get all the formal pictures done in advance.


    It is Rebbish. The Rebbe dances Mitzvah Tanz. I have heard of this but have never attended any. It’s only for close family, usually done in a house.


    Never heard of it, sounds like a very nice minhag.

    The German Jews had (some still have) a minhag that the chosson and kallah meet the morning of the wedding, with the chosson and kallah walking down an aisle holding hands or arms to sit under a canopy. Known as “Chuppah de Mein”, it is written up extensively in the wonderful series “Shorshei Minhag Ashkenaz”


    the minhag “chussun muhl” originated from fact that by the rebbishe einiklach, the chosson kalla would get engaged when they were children,and they wouldn’t be married till teenage years.therefore,since a long time had elapsed inbetween the engagement and the wedding,it was necessary that the chosson should see the kallah before the wedding.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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