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    There are a variety of new soy-based proteins that look and taste nearly exactly like real meat but w/o all the fat and cholesterol that are sadly major factors in the obesity and cardiac issues afflicting many in the frum tzibur. I you only eat chulent on rare occasions (e.g. visiting family or friends in those areas where chulent is still popular), than its no big deal to eat the “real thing” once in a while. However, if your family minhag is to have some form of chulent every Shabbos/yom tov, than think seriously about the alternative in the context of “u’shamarem es nafshosechem”….There are peer-reviewed studies showing that regular ingestion of fatty, salty chulent will take years off your life


    GH: stop with your nonsense and non peer reviewed studies. Chulent is one of the healthiest forms of balanced, protein and fiber filled dishes around. Of course, it depends on what’s in the chulent. In my house there’s no sugar (incl. catsup, bbq sauce, beer etc) which processed carbs are the real culprit in the obesity epidemic. Beans or tofu by themselves don’t have heme iron, which aids in iron absorption.

    In fact, vegetarians need almost twice the daily recommended amount of iron compared with non-vegetarians. Iron from plant-based foods is not absorbed as well by our bodies as animal food sources (source Dietitians of Canada).

    Meat is only a part, not the main ingredient in the average chulent, if for no other reason than its high cost.

    For healthy individuals salt is generally no issue, however sea salt is best.

    So you can have your chulent and eat it too.

    Now about that challah…


    I still haven’t figured out why this thread showed up on the main page for so long with a recent (inaccurate) date as the last post by Kapusta.

    It got bumped by a spam post. It happens


    No harm comes to body from doing Mitzvos. This is a fundamental tenet of emunah and worrying about harm coming from doing a mitzvah especially one like oneg Shabbos demonstrates a serious lack of emunah.

    In Israel the cuts of meat are different, and while you can get true flanken from Chofetz Chaim, I believe you can only get it frozen. There is nothing better than fresh meat in Chulent.

    I have found the best meat to use to be what they call here “Asado”. It is #9. It comes in two versions with the bone (short rib bones I believe) and without them. While not exactly the same cut it basically is flanken. I like the version with the bone since I think it adds good flavor. The only mehadrin fresh version I have found has Rav Machpud’s hashgacha in the bacharein shuk off Yechezkial/Rabbanu Gershom. (They also have it in Rav Rubin but it’s frozen.)

    Aside from that, the most important thing to do is too is the keep a low low flame the whole time. If you use a Crockpot also keep it low and raise it up before on Shabbos with a ball of foil on the heat element part (this is a halachic requirement but also keeps the cholent from burning).

    Also a Rebbe once told me Carrots don’t belong in Chulent!

    Finally, doesn’t hurt to go for a jog/swim/basketball game Motzei Shabbos before sitting down for the Malavah Malka… but never ever compromise Oneg Shabbos by not eating meat chulent!


    There are a variety of new soy-based proteins that look and taste nearly exactly like real meat…

    You’ve clearly never had a real good chulent. I feel for you.


    Thanks for the explanation RED Mod!

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